Why Honour is not necessarily a Christian concept

When I first began university, I knew a guy who wanted God to reward him for being religious by making him the president of the United...
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How to show God Gratitude for your blessings

A grateful person, does not abuse the gifts he is entrusted to, and the scriptures teach, that those who abuse their gifts and blessings...
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What God taught me about worship this week

This weekend, I wanted to pray and worship but I just could not feel God’s presence and when I tried to do joyful meditation, I felt a...
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How to interpret bible verses

There were two strategies that I used for many years, and I realized neither one of them is 100% reliable. The first strategy I used to...
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What the very rich understand that others do not

When Bill Gates was the richest man in the world, he made the commitment to only leave his kids with ten million each upon his death....
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How God protects His followers

A few years ago, I was in an unhappy relationship. The guy was never abusive or disloyal, but he was insecure, inept at conversation,...
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Why the world hates Christians

I used to be jealous of a girl who had done everything I had tried to do and done it better than me because she would always drive me...
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What would you do if the Third World War broke out and the World returned to the first ages?

Imagine that the Russia-Ukraine war is growing, and the allies are also involved in the war, and nuclear weapons are flying in the air...

What is your religion?

what is your religion?

Is this a sin or not?

i layer my bible on a couch and fell to sleep and woke up to it shredded to pieces by what i presume to be one of my puppies or dogs...

Are you religious?

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If you had a choice between being right, or being kind, what would you choose?

I'd choose right because... in my religion, lord krishna once said [bhagvadgita] that to protect the dharma you shall choose to...
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Are you a good angel or a bad demon?

It could be either heaven or hell? It depends on what you do on your behavior. Then, you'll know where you will end up when you die.
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Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you believe that after we all parish, that done of all of us are reincarnated?
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