10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History


Photographs speak a thousand words, as they say. These ten photographs from history are just some of the many of the photographs that captured a glimpse of the life of the people in their time. For more historical photographs, you can browse them here https://www.rarehistoricalphotos.com/

(1) Warschauer Kniefall (1970)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History
10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

During 1970, Willy Brandt was at that time the chancellor of Germany. He unexpectedly knelt down showing his sorrow for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

(2) The American Massacre of The Moros in Jolo, Philippines (1906)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

This photograph which (I censored) shows American soldiers posing with the corpse of the Moros killed during the Philippine-American war. Moros are the Muslim population living in the island of Jolo, southern Philippines, where most of the population lives. More than 1000 Moros have been massacred by the American occupying force. N.B You can see the uncensored version in the website I linked at the top if you want.

(3) Eerie Nazi Christmas Party (1941)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History
10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

The fascists having a Christmas dinner party. First to jump out is the creepiness of the atmosphere, and looking at their faces, they just look blank as if they are just humans with no emotions.

(5) The Last Image of Tesla (1943)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

The genius legend Nikola Tesla. Despite his great contribution in the field of science, he died poor.

(6) Australian Aborigines chained (1902)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

The story behind why these people were chained is not known. Regardless, it's clear they were not treated humanely. More detailed story in the link


7) Iranian Women Protesting Forced Hijab during the Iranian Revolution (1979)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

Before the revolution, Iran was under the rule of a secular modernist Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh; Iran was in a lax condition. The then prime minister nationalized the oil industry which effectively took away UK's hold of oil in Iran. US and UK conspired and aided a coup d'etat to bring back the oil industry in which the British has control for a long time. That brought down the government which ultimately led to the Iranian Revolution.

After the Iranian Revolution where the Islamic fundemenalist's new government imposed strict rules on women. One of them was the compulsary hijab.

(8) A Boy and His Brother (1945)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

Truly heartbreaking photo of a boy carrying his dead little brother. The photo was taken by Joe O’Donnell who was sent by the US military to document the extent of the atomic bomb explosion damage in Nagasaki. War destroys life; sometimes even those who survived are dead inside.

Yes, the movie "Grave of the Fireflies" was based on this.

(9) Einstein at the Beach (1939)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

Albert Einstein is one of the famous theoretical physicists and holder of the one of the greatest minds. As seen here looking fabulous. For more story https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/einstein-at-the-beach-1939/

(10) Patton's Dog (1945)

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History

This bull terrier was General George S. Patton's dog, pictured lying down after his death. Loyalty is strong with dogs.

10 Iconic and Rare Photographs from History
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  • Nomad2
    Great take. The extend of Aboriginal people tragedy in Australia has never been documented. It is very little that has been done for the truth to come out, but at the moment cross cultural awareness is one of the training that is available. it is a drop in an ocean, but something white people should know still.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    I instantly thought of Grave of the Fireflies when I saw that picture ;-;

    Also, I think the situation in Iran and how it came to be is an important reminder that progress is not linear, and things don't just improve on their own. It takes effort.
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  • JenSCDC
    What made you include the last two pictures? While the picture of Patton's dog is sad, it doesn't capture the effect of the evilness of humanity that the first eight do, and the shot of Einstein is simply jarring in its difference. Or was the shock what you meant us to feel?
  • inceptin951
    Oh great. Of course you didn't show any pictures of Muslims enslaving Africans or Africans enslaving Africans. Such PC bullshit.
  • ElissaDido
    Never heard about the massacre of the Muslim Moros Filipinos by Americans... It's sad.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah the Moro rebellion, the massacre is not that known. The aim was to subdue them in fear. Never really happened. The resistance just grew stronger among the Moros.

  • LaFemmeFatale
    "A boy and His Brother" - Look at his eyes, he has so much inner strength in them. That photo made me feel very sad.
  • SweedyPie
    S interesting, enlightening and different from every other myTake I've read. Great job, you should do more.
    • SweedyPie

      Was going to follow, until I saw Anon :( Wish I knew who you were; very interested in your point of view. Sighhh

  • ThePetSquirrel
    Is it me, or are the boy's legs in the eighth photo somewhat transparent?
    • Anonymous

      I don't know, it's the dirt is just probably camoflouging his legs

  • Nerdvana
    Great pics. Thank you for posting these. Some I had seen before, some were new to me. And thank you for also explaining each photo
  • Zorax
    Amazing photos from the sad part of the history, excellent Take.
  • dissolute_dog
    Very powerful photos, with some very tragic. :(
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very powerful photos
  • lushbomb
    I LOVE THIS!! you should make more hahah
  • objectivetruth
    Lol Filipinos and aborigines are savages.
    • Lol not as savage as you. And I'm white. I think you're more savage the them.😎

    • @MusicOfTheManic you're comment implies that they are still savages, which was the point I was trying to make anyway. Wpww.

    • Your*

      I hate auto correct.

  • Kelfuma
    That was really good
  • Adigelunar
    nice poost