Why #BlackLivesMatter Shouldn't Exist

So black people want to be treated equal right? So black people don't want to be thought of as different right? So black people want the same rights as white people right?

So WHY is there a movement for them? This is basically just making them stand out more as "different" than anything else! It separates them from others. It stirs up problems and drama within other races besides black that doesn't need to be started. It makes others feel less important about their race even if it isn't meant to, people are sensitive! If everyone is supposed to be equal, there shouldn't even have to be a movement to prove it! And why are they going against #AllLivesMatter as if it doesn't include them? ALL LIVES MATTER means that blacks, whites, Asians, Mexicans, Indians, native Americans, etc all MATTER! They shouldn't have to prove that blacks matter by using another dumb hashtag. Their shouldn't even be an all live matter hashtag. It's dumb and no wonder no one takes it seriously. It's not something that has to be said. It's common sense people.

Why #BlackLivesMatter shouldn't exist

I am beyond tired and frustrated with both of these movements that shouldn't even exist. I understand blacks want their recognition too. I understand that their are still plenty of racist people and police. But it is nothing like it was back then and it never will be. And blacks are widely accepted all over the world now just like the whites. And even some whites are discriminated against nowadays. People just need to stop thinking and making ways for a certain group to stand out more than any other group because it's just not right, not fair, and not smart. It will always cause more problems than it's worth. A skin color doesn't define anyone. No one asked to be born the way they were. All of this labeling needs to be stopped as well as all of these dumb hashtag movements that mean nothing.

Why #BlackLivesMatter Shouldn't Exist

Why #BlackLivesMatter Shouldn't Exist
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    If you have to have it explained to you after a year, either you are too dumb to figure out the purpose or you don't want to know what the problem is, which means you're willfully dumb, which also means you're stupid... Take your pick 🙃

    I also find it weird that the people who tend to be against it so much and tell people to say all lives matter and stop talking about race tend to be the 1s who continuously make these very takes about race...
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  • ginny_weasley
    My grandpa died of colon cancer 25 years before I was born. I would never crash a breast cancer rally and scream, "all cancers matter!" And I would never crash a funeral and scream, "I too have felt loss, all deaths matter!" *sips tea*☕️
  • PrincessofNohr
    You're simplifying the problem by essentially saying that BLM are just made because people are being stupid poopoo heads and should just stop being so mean to each other. Centuries of discrimination and mistreatment have lead to deep systemic and cultural problems that haven't been resolved in full. Sure, while blacks may be in a better position than they were years ago, they are still treated like second-class citizens in countless ways, police profiling being just one of them. Is this because all police are rotten? Of course not. It's the result of centuries of discrimination and marginalization that are still being filtered out of our society. It took 100 years after slavery was abolished to eliminate segregation, and even that was only 50 years ago, so it will without a doubt take even more time to truly work out of our culture, if it ever even does.

    Real change never happened without some noise being made. Women's suffrage didn't happen without a movement, nor did desegregation. Black Lives Matter is no different - it's a movement meant to draw attention to a society problem and create change. Do I agree with the violence that occurs by people trumpeting the name? No, but this will happen with any movement. There is always someone who takes on a cause, even if they don't truly believe in it, and causes chaos just because they're a shitty person. That doesn't diminish the message of those who protest peacefully for the goal of change.
  • Rissyanne
    To be honest I am sick of the BLM. They lose all credibility with me. They don't march when a 5 year old little black girl gets shot by a drive by shooting. But let one of these thugs that has s gun and resist arrest get shot and they will riot and tear down the city.
  • Eugene
    They should exist. In my opinion, they should be much more radical, violent and active than they are right now.

    Without them, who's going to destabilize United States from within for us then?
  • TripleAce
    Part of the plan, riots. Distrust in security. Civil war
  • scooogy
    I think that's a bit too much forward right now. I mean it's like people in past centuries had to figure way too many things which we now find normal, such as that this planet is not a plate, but a globe. Or that the stars in the sky are actually galaxies and such. So if now people seem to forget that actually all people are equal (just like you say here) they first need to understand that what they're recently doing here, killing black people, is just wrong. I think that if you'd now tell them that every life matters, they'd not really focus on the people they attack right now, but more likely the people they don't attack. It's like a mother telling her kid "don't hit your brother" and the next thing is "don't hit anybody". Like stopping them with what they should stop asap, and then prevent this with "all lives matter".
  • alaysatlorp
    Great take couldn't agree more
  • Saoirse_Nua
    That is so true
  • Adigelunar
    lGood post
  • Pilulu
  • Anonymous
    People with cancer are equal to people without cancer, yet they still get movements for their issues.
  • Anonymous
    Why are there so many more crimes, especially drug and violent crimes, committed by black people in proportion to the population?
  • Anonymous
    black lives matter, too
    • Triss

      Who said they don't? Some dumb racists only.

    • Triss

      It's just everyone matters cause we're ALL the same

    • Anonymous

      cause you dont see mexicans and natives and Asians, getting murdered, you see blacks getting murdered

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  • Anonymous
    Oh my god if I see one more take about BLM I'm going to lose my sanity 😒
    • Anonymous

      Like I dunno why all of you keep going on and on about how much you hate BLM like I get it gosh

    • Paulina528

      Someone is a bit butt hurt? It's not meant to offend you. If you don't like it, don't even read it silly little girl.