Thoughts of a Young Black Conservative


Before we begin-

No, I'm not a coon & trying to impress white people

No, I'm not an agent of white supremacy

I like how Talcom X a.k.a Shawn King is never called an agent of white supremacy and he's ACTUALLY white...but let we continue!

A black person can't be conservative in any way or vote any which way he/she chooses like any natural born CITIZEN has the right to. Ah, no. He get's accused of cooning or being paid to support Trump or he's secretly wants to be white and loves to orally copulate white sphincter.

You can't voice your opinion about your community (black) headed to the deepest pits that Satan has to offer all because "you airing out black folks dirty laundry in front of white folks"

First, white people are smarter than you and they study you negroes closely. As if white people didn't know where all of the crime was coming from before a black conservative pointed it out. White people also didn't know how low the average American negroes SAT score was. They also didn't know that 80% of us "don't got no daddy".

You're not fooling anyone by pretending problems don't exist. You're only hurting yourself.

Furthermore it only speaks to the wealth of strong character amongst blacks. You would rather your own people be brought to zero all to save face in front of white folks. To me this is ACTUAL COONING. You're the one trying to sweep violent crimes and unsustainable living situations under the rug to save face for whitey.

sorry but I don't roll like that

I love black people contrary to popular belief; don't let the Trump hats fool you!

Thoughts of a Young Black Conservative

I'm not even sure why I'm writing this because most of you are thick in the skull.

I guess I'm venting for myself.

I think I could use this opportunity to answer some FAQs about black Trump supporters/conservatives

I'll be making these up as I go because nobody ever asks us anything...we just get called names!


#1 You Black!

I understand that my political position is annoying and bugging to your intermediate cognitive abilites but it is quite possible for both identities to exist in the same space.

#2 Who hurt you?

Black people. Sorry to say it but I just can't wake up and blame whitey all day when the black man has caused me more suffering in my short 23 years on planet Earth. I was turned conservative by the likes of Alex Jones, Tommy Sotomayor, Larry Elder & Thomas Sowell.

#3 But Trump is racist! He called Africa a shit hole!

And? Black folks think Africa is a shithole. Every other ethnicity sees the value in our continent but us. We can't stop fighting long enough to conquer our own home.

#4 Trumps hates Hispanics!

And? Hispanics hate black folks. Black people keep dreaming up this utopian idea of being friends with all brown people as if we're the same. Brown people don't like you, n*gha. They box you out of the low wage work market more than anyone. I hope Trump sends them all back. Build that wall higher than heaven and deeper than hell.

#5 Republicans hate black people!

I'm sorry but I've never experienced this. You'll experience more racism from a group who treats you like retarded children who need a hand out. Also, weren't Republicans the party of one of the two great emancipators? One being Charles Darwin & the second being Abraham Lincoln.

#6 Why aren't you a Democrat! We're awesome, ya n*g7er!

You know what I've noticed about the Democratic party each election? There's never a damn thing offered to black men. They don't offer anything to black folks in general but these criminal injustices against the nuclear black family structure but I'm saying...go back as far as you can and find any policy the Dems have put in place to make black mens lives better. Obama sure did give gay men their rights but did nothing for his supposed 'brotha man'.

#7 But Obama is black and awesome!

First, Barrack Obama is biracial and not black at all. Black folks hate white folks but will use their outdated one drop rule. And what about the one drop rule? I took an ancestry test and I'm comprised of 4 races. Am I now all 4 races? How does that one drop rule work if most people have a shit ton of drops? but anyhow.

#8 What's your plan for black conservatives?

The new plan is the old plan. The Mohammed Ali plan. The black man plan. Black folks were happier when we were cornered. The removal of colored restrooms, drinking fountains and industry was the worst thing that ever happened to black folks because now we own nothing of our own. I would happily re-segregate. It's what needs to be done. Segregation works in more ways than one. They've made an all boys school in Chicago and it turns out that black boys do great in school when there's no women around. Segregation seems to really work for us on multiple levels. In hindsight it was a terrible idea giving up black safe spaces just so we could rub elbows with white boys.

#9 Why do you only go after black folks? Do you hate yourself!?

I go after blacks because I'm black and want to see us do better. The opposite of love isn't hate; it's indifference.

Thoughts of a Young Black Conservative

#10 I don't know

Shout out to Trump for winning like a real nigca do

Thanks, your friend A.B

Thoughts of a Young Black Conservative
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  • Fuentes
    If you believe in any political role your just a SHEEP
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  • PrinceOfAljazeera
    good mytake, but sadly black women will hate on you.
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  • Starrk
    I was agreeing with you until I hit point 5, 7, 8 and 9.

    5. Republicans most definitely have a recent history of racism that cannot be overlooked. Everyone loves to talk about Lincoln but people need to realize that Lincoln has been dead for over 150 years and the party that he left behind in 1865 is far different from the party that is around in 2019. The Southern Strategy was a Republican tactic to win over racist white Southerners. We have audio of two former Republican Presidents in Nixon and Reagan laughing after Reagan called Black Africans monkeys. I'm not saying all Republicans are racist as such generalization is foolish. But it would be even more foolish to sit here and assert that the Republican Party is free of flaws when it comes to how they have treated many minorities.

    7. The one-drop rule is more of an American problem instead of a Black Community issue. From a genetic standpoint, it doesn't make any sense, but then again neither does the entire concept of race, but people still believe it and continue to perpetuate the myth. The one-drop rule is more so shame on America then it is on one specific group.

    8. Re-segregate? Black people were worst off doing that time period. You can cherry-pick aspects of the Black Experience that was good but from a general perspective, there is nothing good about being treated as a 2nd class citizen in your own country where you can be killed for looking at a white woman or refusing to say "Yes sir" to a white child. I'll rather be a Black person in 2019 before I choose to be Black in 1952. You'll be hard press to find a single person who would want to go back during that time period as a Black man/woman.

    9. You claim that indifference is worse than hate, well indifference is exactly what Republicans have been doing for the past 30+ years when it comes to issues in the Black community. If Republican truly wanted to they could easily challenge Democrats for the Black vote. The fact that they don't put up a fight is evident they don't care.
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    • Ok, I'll respond
      #5 Well, I don't find being called a monkey offensive. It's like calling me goofy. It's a nothing burger.

      #7 I don't know what your race is but I assume it's not African American. The reason blacks do worse than other Africans of the diaspora in America is because of our lack of identity. This is why ancestry testing for blacks is so popular with black people on Youtube. This is why we have an ADOS movement. Continental Africans such as Nigerians do so well because of the structure that their traditions dictate. Black Americans are searching for identity and it shows. This is why it's important to make a distinction between we & they and also that Barrack Obama is biracial and not a black man.

      #8 Blacks did better during segregation. This isn't even debatable. We owned more land & businesses. We had a far better family structure and were even at one point more married than white people. We had a baseball team for crying out loud. It was a horrible economic move just to rub elbows with Brad.

      #9 I believe that Trump once said to black folks "what do you have to lose". That doesn't sound like indifference to me. Trump has done more for blacks in one term than Obama has done in his life. This isn't even debatable. Trump boasts the lowest black unemployment rate of all time and it was the highest under Obama. He calls the black community in Baltimore a shithole because it is. When Trump sniffs a microphone picks it up 299 miles away. If it wasn't for Trump nobody would know about the massive corruption scandal in Baltimore.

    • Starrk

      5. It's good that "monkey" does not offend you, but it does offend others and I'm quite certain when Reagan used that term he wasn't using it in terms of endearment.

      6. Lack of identity is one of those reasons, but the main reason is because the American immigration process does a pretty good job weeding out those that would be a negative for the country and retaining those that would be a net positive. This trend of African immigrants surpassing Black Americans isn't uncommon because most immigrants surpass their American counterparts. Most immigrants including European, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and African immigrants all tend to surpass their American counterpart. African immigrants just don't surpass Black Americans they also surpass White and Asian Americans in pretty much every metric you can think of including education.

      8. Blacks did better in some areas, but overall I beg to differ. There is absolutely nothing good about being dragged out of your house and beaten/killed simply because you were a Black person trying to better him/herself. The demise of Black Wall Street (and every other prosperous black neighborhood) was a clear sign that Black Americans during that era were always going to encounter a glass ceiling as long as racist White Americans were breathing in and out.

      As for the decline of the black nuclear family that has less to do with segregation and more to do with the War on Poverty.

      9. While it is true that Black American unemployment rate dropped to its lowest percentage under Trump (5.9%), it was actually under Obama when the Black unemployment rate saw the biggest drop from 16.8% in March 2010 to 7.8% in March 2017. So while Trump brags about lowering Black unemployment rates to its lowest level, please keep in mind that the figure was already free-falling under Obama.

      As for Baltimore, well it is a corrupt shithole and has been one for decades so that isn't breaking news.

  • MannMitAntworten
    Socialism offets zero upward mobility. Incidentally the Democratic Party made it its mission to provide a social welfare/safety net to the black community... and incidently once the blsck community welcomed this safety net the black community became the first American community to be corralled and controlled by socialism. Ever since as a result black communities have crumbled/decayed. It is the evidence for Democratic continued bigotry, eugenic policies, and ruthless demand for consolidated power.

    Every point made in this is not news to me except one element. The segrigation element and coupled with a perspective I know most have never considered - the taking from the black commumity of their own and taking of the black, "safe space". I realize the grnetal consensus for the rnding of these practices was to end the practice of, "separate but equal"' as it was veiled as white superiority versus black 'inferiority'. Which when cast in this light, most sound and just people cannot stomach to allow to continue. However ugly that was, I can legitimately say that pretty much no one took into account the perspective of something of your own. I'll admit to having mixed feelings about thos notion because separate but equal was done out of bigotry, however, you make an inescapable valid point and observation on a taboo historical reality.

    Black men have it the absolute worst in our country and the Democrats love to tell the young black man how great he is and all the promise he has through the Democratic Party whilst placing him in cuffs and carrying him off to prison. Then when he pausrs to question what is going on and points out the lie, he is indeed branded a "coon" or an "Uncle Tom" by his own communty when he things truly for what they are.

    Incidentally, name calling is not unique for leftist nor is singling out men of particular ethnicities. Conservative white men are branded by leftist with a myriad of negative labels in order to effect the same shame upon him as they try to do with the black man. Ruthless power consolidation... and who have the loudest voice calling everyome names and threatening others? Upper middle class to upper class white leftist. Craziest thing seeing a upoer class lazy white brat call a black conservative a white supremacist and a race traitor. Seriously, where the hell did I wake up and all this become a thing? Oh yeah, since 2014 and a bizarre divide has grown even wider ever since.

    Damn good mytake.
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    • It's not lost on me that re-segregation is a bit much. You must start with extremes to reach a happy medium.

    • Thing is, you made a damn interesting observation I doubt anyone rlse, including myself, likely ever considered. It was a very interesting take and perspective on an otherwise taboo subject... and it made a lot of sense even being as wild as it sounds when taken at face value. Definitely caught my attention.

    • Anyone else*

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  • SkipStop
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    • but she's fine with 25 people shot dead every weekend in black neighborhoods? that doesn't get called mental illness but a fucking vote does? I'd stab the bitch in her uterus

  • TadCurious
    Not that it matters what I think, but I admire your refusal as a free man in the United States (who happens to be black) to be patronized and condescended to by those who expect you to stay on the Liberal plantation. And you know better than anyone how the Left treats those like you and heroes like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and Ben Carson. To the Left/Democrats they (and Kanye) aren't "staying in their place."
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    • It never fails. Nobody is more racist than someone who tells you- you need help to succeed.

  • White-American89
    Good my take. I've had black conservative friends called uncle Tom's by white liberals and in the same breath they call me racist.
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    • nobody will call you a n** faster than a white or Black liberal.

  • IreallyhateGAG
    I say good for you. I have learned that both parties are a scam but I lean conservative.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I was with you until #8. You sound like Uncle Ruckus, man
  • baseballnerd24
    What are you're thoughts on Republican Senator Tim Scott?
    • I like Tim Scott. I wish he'd stay out of political thirst traps set by the Dems but whatever. We're all human.

  • Anonymous
    Your wrong. Africa is a shithole full of murder. Mexico is also full of murder. It doesn't make anyone racist stating a fact. Now we have those gangs all over america.Thoughts of a Young Black Conservative
    • did you read the my take at all?

    • Anonymous

      Your correct, the demonic democrats are wrong.. It was a typo, forgot not...

  • Anonymous
    You sound mentally unstable
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    • and you look like Serena Williams

    • Anonymous

      U always get us mixed up 😂

    • you look like Trinitee Stokes

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