Some of a 16-Year-Old's Political Views in the US

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  1. Guns: You knew I would mention it. For those of you who want strong, strict gun control, and for the ones who even want to abolish the right for us to obtain and own firearms, you need to understand that the ownership of firearms is a basic right given to Americans. It is specifically stated in the Constitution. I don't care what anyone says, taking our guns away is illegal. The Bill of Rights cannot be changed, as far as I know.
    Now the debate on guns is something different. Let me throw some statistics out there.Some of a 16-Year-Old's Political Views in the US I don't think I have to say much else on that topic. It is true that zero guns equals zero gun violence, but guns will always be around everywhere. It's impossible to abolish all guns. Strict gun laws are giving criminals the upper hand.
  2. Racism: It just doesn't exist as much as they say it does. If racism was such a large force in this country, then Barack Obama would never have been elected. He would've never had a chance. Dr. Ben Carson wouldn't be given the time of day either, and he's a Republican runner. There is something my father told me that made me realize something about racism. It's not illegal to be a racist, currently. Let that sink in. No, I'm not defending racist people, and yes, they are wrong to be racist. But there aren't any laws against it. It is their right and choice to be racist. As long as they don't do any physical damage to anyone or anybody's property, then there's nothing you can do about it. Get over it.
  3. My choice for the POTUS: While Donald Trump is intelligent, and he has proven to be right about things, I don't think he should elected President (I would probably vote for him over any Democrat though). A Bible verse comes to my mind, something about "pride goeth before destruction." Yeah. While I'm talking about him, let me say that he's not a racist. The media lies by saying he wants to deport immigrants. He clearly says he wants ILLEGAL immigrants gone.
    I would prefer that Dr. Ben Carson be President. And if not him, then Ted Cruz. A lot could change in the months that come though, my opinions too.
  4. Conclusion: You can see that I'm definitely a conservatist. I would love to write more, but right now I just don't have time. I want to post more political related stuff in the future, so maybe try looking out for me. :P I'm really trying to be involved. I want the US to be better off, and I think everyone can respect that. SEE Y'ALL LATER, AND ENJOY LIFE.


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  • Actually, the second amendment states: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." In case you didn't know, a militia is an army. Nowhere does it say "everyone has the right to bear arms". So, you are already wrong on that. Secondly, countries who have abolished firearms statistically have less deaths by guns. Look at all the Scandinavian countries (and Canada). Almost no one dies of guns ever. You think racism is ok as long as you don't physically harm the person? I would disagree. Donald Trump is the biggest idiot ever. He doesn't even have any real political views, and if he does-there's literally nothing to back him up. His idea is to "build a wall" between America and Mexico.. which is the biggest joke I've ever heard. Good luck with that, Trump. You should never base who you vote for on politics, or "conservative" and "democrat". You clearly haven't studied economics yet. You need to vote for a president who will find the best possible way to improve our economy. So far, republican presidents have driven the economy into the ground, and everything they say is pretty much baseless. The democratic presidents have brought us out of the ground, and cleaned up the mess that the conservatives made. Liberals believe in wealth distribution, higher taxation so that poor people can have free healthcare and benefits, and the minimum wage should be increased ($7.50 an hour is ways too low). We want what's best for everyone, not just ourselves.

    • Is a militia not s group of citizens banded together in support of the army to defend the country and as citizens expected to provide their own weapons ie rifles?

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    • How can you deny that the national debt under Obama has SIGNIFICANTLY increased? Is that Bush's fault also? Are all the vacations Obama has taken Bush's fault too? Yeah, okay. I'm not ignoring what Bish has done, I'm saying Obama is worse by the way.

      If you love Communism so much, then why don't you visit the past Communistic Russia? Or why don't you visit Venezuela? You must love Venezuela's government. Yet Venezuela is a broken country. For years that country has been led by socialists.

      The police cannot always instantly arrive on the scene. I'm very sorry you had to be involved in a home invasion, I can't imagine what that's like. But terrible things could've happened to you, and with a gun, you could have protected yourself. What if you were raped? What if you had a family with you?

      Like I said, again, look at Switzerland. I don't know why you're ignoring that--oh wait, yes I do.

      Obama can hardly speak without using a teleprompter. I'm not bashing him for that, I'm just...

    • ... letting you know he's not the greatest speaker ever.

      Again with Trump, he was right about the illegals. He is right in wanting to stop them. That makes him dumb to you? Do you really think he's dumb, or are you going with what your socialist friends say?

      I'm gonna say this again. The movie, "America: Imagine the World Without Her" brings up some political points that I think you need to hear. You don't even have to buy the movie, if you have a Netflix account then youncan watch it.

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  • Well, I think based on your information above, whoever is the next president he/she should strongly consider trading Chicago to Canada in exchange for some maple syrup or maybe a family of beavers.


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  • I can barely even form political opinions these days. People seem to dislike logic, and you can find "facts" on both sides.

    • I'm trying to isr logic. I know I'm not an adult yet, so this is the best I can do. I try my best to see everything from a neutral view. So you fon't think the chart I posted is fact?

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    • I wasn't criticizing you, I was just criticizing political argument in general.

    • I can understand that. Both sides want to win though. It will never go away.

  • Chicago temp = 31 deg
    Houston temp = 63 deg

    Moral :- Having gun stores causes global warming.