George & George

George & George

I know I'm going to get a ton of backlash for this but I don't care I'm still going to post this anyways. The recent events of George Floyd was a setup to deter the public from going after & attacking the government, the billionaires, and corporations when covid-19 hit & everyone was out of work losing their homes etc. It was a way to distract the public & to get Trump out of office. George Soros paid to have people from different states transported & paid them several thousands to cause mass riots fires & other destructive acts in different cities & states they didn't belong to. The bail funds was a way to support & fund the rioters & help pay for the rioters & to help bail them out not the peaceful protestors. Congress passed the 3 trillion dollar bill but most of that money went to greedy corporations given to them by the banks very few small businesses got the money thinking the corporations would be able to pay back the loans & small businesses would not which was why so many got rejected so the banks don't take a loss or be run out/go out of business which then turned into grants free money to greedy corporations while American citizens only got 1200 dollars. When George Soros got the package back in 2018 by Trump (Trump paid somebody to put the package at Soros house & no connection was to be made directly to him) He swore he would do everything in his power to make sure trump wouldn't be president in 2021 & a few other things which I can't comment on here but if you or I were to say it our asses would have been arrested by secret service in seconds but Soros being a billionaire & more powerful than trump was able to say it which by the way shocked even me he said the stuff he did especially on the internet where people can read & find. & we all know Pelosi & trump don't get along & both Soros & Pelosi want Biden as president in 2021. Which is why the George Floyd incident took place to distract from the American people taking down the government which it almost did days before the George Floyd incident.

George & George
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  • Shamalien
    soros funds protests all across america for a long time now. He will do anything to get the left in power, even destroy society completely. Maybe the incident was staged, not the first iv heard of it, but really it doesn't matter. Soros has managed to radicalize the public in the past, it doesn't matter what the event is or if there even was an event.
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  • wilfh1965
    You need to get a life and quite reading graphic novels this racial problem goes back hundreds of years the anger is real there probably is something going on in the dark but it's America were responsible for almost everything in this world in some way
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  • Anonymous
    Stop following Qanon down the Rabbit hole.
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  • zagor
    Yeah and I'm sure George Floyd willingly gave his life for that cause, just like Jesus.
  • coffeewithcream
    Adjust your tinfoil hat. Bring in another station.

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