7 Ways Shaun King fails history class forever


Warning: This is bound to make someone's blood boil; but it needs to be said.

Shaun King, presumed leader of BLM, in his recent tweet, made a complete and absolute fool of himself. Let's count the ways:

Wrong on over 9000 levels.
Wrong on over 9000 levels.

1. Almost everyone who pays attention knows that the modern image of Jesus is based on a series of ignorant re-imaginings by Europeans of artwork that in-turn, took inspiration from Coptic artworks of old.

(Works that ISIS went to town to destroy under Obama, by the way.)

  • Alexandre Dumas popularized a rumor that the most common art depiction, based on work by Leonardo DaVinci, was inspired by Leo's friend Cesare Bolgia. However, the evidence is scant to substantiate the claim.
  • Regardless, the rumor has remained to this day. In fact, it is steadfastly assumed in most modern American churches, especially in the south.
  • Rumors that Leo and Bolgia were gay also led to speakers at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in January of 2009 declaring that most of the "overrated" Renaissance artists were "really just a bunch of disgusting sodomites."
  • It was mostly Michelangelo that got picked on, not Leonardo, but still. Again, many of these claims go back to Alexandre Dumas.
  • Anthropological studies, and examinations of the supposed "Shroud of Turin," have yielded a middle-brown olive man that, consistent with Isaiah's descriptions, is "relatively generic in appearance, and not particularly iconic or out-standish for his time." (Isaiah 53:2)
  • Which also explains why Mary Magdalene didn't recognize him at first. (John 20:15-16) His appearance was just generic enough, even post-resurrection, that anyone not paying close enough attention could have readily confused him for anyone else. Hence, the two men on the road to Emmaus were also blindsided. (Luke 24)

This isn't that far-fetched, when an experiment was done on Henry Cavill, to see if the Clark Kent disguise really worked.

In spite standing directly in front of a picture of himself in an ad for BvS, no one on the street recognized Henry Cavill as Superman, simply because he put on the Clark Kent glasses!

It sounds insane; but that's the power of generic appearance!

2. How can those artworks be based on "supremacy," in a land where other groups effectively didn't exist, and "white' was all the locals even knew of????

This kind of "thinking" isn't even logical!

7 Ways Shaun King fails history class forever

Especially since the modern idea of "inferior monkeys" didn't gain any steam until CHARLES DARWIN! And that was CENTURIES LATER!

Shaun King's argument is so full of anachronism, that he makes himself a complete clown!

3. Darwinism is an offshoot of the work of Charles Lyle. Who AGAIN, came CENTURIES LATER!

So no, it was NOT something that "always had been"! That is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! Once again, Shaun is a hack.

4. The Bible NEVER mentions Joseph wanting to "blend in" in Egypt!

It mentions Joseph wanting to FIND WORK! While also fleeing from the homicidal maniac known as Herod.

5. Egyptian locals were primarily GREEK during the time period that Joseph went there!

Anyone who did any BASIC RESEARCH would know that it was Greek in culture then, but under Roman occupation. This is due to a little thing known as...the Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra!

Moreover, ethnic Greeks and Egyptians were jostled around quite a bit by the Roman Empire, to weaken their national sense of unity, and strengthen their acceptance of the idea of the Pax Romana. This was an ancient prelude to modern-day workforce globalization, under an ancient form of fascism that the Romans perfected.

So once again, Shaun is a buffoon!

5. Denmark wasn't even a country then!

Seriously! How can this guy be this ignorant??? Denmark nationalism didn't take root until around 500 AD at the earliest! Denmark as we know it didn't take shape until the Absolutist era, which began in 1648! A basic Google and Wikipedia search would've done Shaun some wonders!

6. Black Jesus is just as biologically and historically inaccurate as White Jesus.

The Coptics used brown paint, because paint was scarce in their day. Chromatically-accurate Middle-Brown Olive Mediterranean Jew was not an easy color to replicate with the paint Coptics had, so they erred on the side of going too dark.

They STILL didn't depict him as looking deep African! When designing head shapes, he still looked Jewish in head shape. Ethiopians, however, had a distinctly different head shape in ancient artworks. And this was on purpose!


So why doesn't Shaun want Black Jesus monuments torn down???

This is what happens when you are all about abortion, sodomy, black supremacy, and communism - and think that, *somehow*, epistemological obligation "doesn't matter."

#clownworld #truthalwaysmattersmore

7 Ways Shaun King fails history class forever
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  • Anonymous
    Shaun King is an idiot because he is exposing BLM himself and showing the world what they actually want. He is a fascist with views that will turn even the non-racist racist. The guy is filled with hate and revenge. No place on this planet for guys like him. He should be told to go educate himself
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    • He's basically Killmonger, but a lot less cool.

    • Anonymous

      I was watching something on him and some white kids tried to run him over for being black. The guy is just full of hate and wants revenge for this it’s clear. But he’s just putting all white people in the same boat and is after revenge on all of them! Wouldn’t mind but he’s only a quarter black! When I was at school a kid hung me over a 4 storey balcony and threatened to drop me. He was mixed race do you see me racist and out for revenge. The guys a knob head

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  • I-am-a-nobody
    Actually, when I first heard about tearing down Jesus statues, I was angry.

    Then I saw what King said and I sort of agreed. Let's face it, Jesus wasn't European and he definitely wasn't effeminate or wearing shoulder length hair.
    The Apostle Paul wrote:
    "Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?"
    in I Corinthians 11:14 just a few years later.

    But what you've presented here does bring up some very key points.
    It makes sense that Jesus would be depicted as an ordinary European to Europeans, just as statues of Jesus in China might look more like an ordinary Chinese guy.

    Great job inserting the Isaiah 53:2 reference. "... He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him."

    If someone is overly concerned about the appearance of Jesus, then they're missing His message which focused on the heart and NOT appearances.

    Jesus appeared to be just like us in some sense,...
    Yet He was entirely unlike us in another sense.
  • Jesus should be a Palestinian Jew with a fro. Not Kurt Conain skin and hair. it was white supremacy that made an Asian Jew white looking.
    • The concept of "White supremacy" didn't ecist for the most part of Christianity's history, you illiterate.

    • @EmperorOfRussia Umm, yeah it did in Europe. The Crusades ring a bell?

    • You stupid cultist, the concept of race is a modern phenomenon, there wasn't such thing in the Middle Ages, when the Crusades took place. And Arabs are Caucasian.

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  • Bananaman177
    All the mummies they've found in Egypt have had blonde hair, lol. DNA testing on them has shown no relation whatsoever to modern "Egyptians."

    But most black people think Egyptians were all black, even though they have murals all over the place depicting blacks as their conquered foes on the battlefield and as their personal servants later on. Very personal.
  • BeMuse
    The funniest thing about the guy’s opinion is that he assumes Egypt was black just because it is on the African continent. Ancient Egyptians were a mixed society of different races, but the race that is least common genetically in Egypt was Black people. Genetic studies of ancient Egyptians indicated that about 6% of Egyptians were black which is less than half the minority status Blacks have in America today. North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa were very different worlds at the time. Ancient Egyptians share a lot of genetic markers with people from the Levant, Near East and Anatolia. When you examine where White people actually came you come to a realization that much of Europe wasn’t White at first. We were more in line with that near eastern looks and then through evolution over a very long time selection favored depigmentation to boost vitamin D levels in more northern climates and other environmental factors humans had to adapt to.

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