He picked Video games over me?

Ok, everyone knows how guys want to keep there "guy" rep. And how attached to video games they are.

I am one of those girls who is also a gamer but when it comes to my relationship I like the holding or making funny jokes or playing a good game together.

But this one day he said he wanted to come over to see me and talk and stuff. As soon as he gets to my house he watches my brother play halo 3 for 30mins.

Once my bro got off

My boyfriend started playing halo3 without me. He started playing at 5pm then he got

Off around 8:30pm, he bothered to come up to my room and be all over me when he had to be home by 9. May I add that while he was playing he wanted me to make him food. And get re-fills.

I have been dating

Him for 4months n' two weeks almost three.

And he has never acted this way.


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He picked Video games over me?
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