Men age like wine and women age like milk... is it true?


hope hope someone here with some knowledge or experience could tell me if it's correct. Some anoymouse person quoted this meaning men get better as they get older and women go downhill... there's a link above with info on it explaining why women lose there ability to attract like they did when young. In my opinion I think men would lose it if they didn't take care of them selves and women would have very much harder time trying to make her look good because saggines comes and burning calories becomes harder but yeah men can gain weight but all they do is stop the booze an eating crap. An besides career men especially are broke at young age (unless he's born into wealth) but gain financial stability as they grow up and we all know women love that sexy man bulge in his trousers... even though women deny it we all know they love it like flies on shit lol oh god! can't wait to get that sexy bulge haha jokes I mean I got more important things to spend it on like better house, going on holiday 5x year etc women are just a side thing unless am famous or got status.

Anyway back on topic like I was saying I think men who work on selves would benefit it in future while women have it all when there young like attention etc... but anyways what are your thoughts on this?
Men age like wine and women age like milk... is it true?
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