Is cup unfair? Girls, would you aim for male balls if allowed?

Hi, in martial arts matches I always see guys wearing protective cups also even girls while girls do not wear them at all.

Let me tell you: I find it really unrealistic, lame and unfair and also embarassing. People should realize that in fights everthing is possible. Also, you don't expect people to wear cups when going outside just to protect yourself below in unexpected streetfight or something. By the way the meaning of fight means to attack each other and it's lame to have have rules. You won't see people saying 'hey, no ballskicking' in a fight when two people get angry at each other. If you're in a ring with a protective cup, don't expect to wear that protective cup all the time when in unexpected fight.

Especially against girls, girls don't wear cups at all while we do, that I find it really lame, weak and unfair. People should just wear clothes like in real fight. And yes, groin attack by females againt males in sparring should be allowed so every male can defend his junk instead of just showing out with cup or else males will get used to not protect the groin by hands like we defend our faces with hands by typical boxing stand for example. And by the way, groin kick is difficult because your opponent will always move around to hit you and groins are small target.

And females, would you aim for males' balls when allowed in matches? After all, if you don't wear cup, so shouldn't boys. And do you think females will always win against males that way if balls kicking were allowed or not?
Is cup unfair? Girls, would you aim for male balls if allowed?
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