Why do some people pretend to have social anxiety?

I have been afraid of people ever since i was a small child. I never had ANY friends when i went to school because i didn't talk at all. I son't talk to anyone besides my mom and sister and even they make me feel scared. Going to school every morning was a horrible struggle. I had a panic attack every morning and threw up. It was hell. Now i'm homeschooled and i still feel scared of the teacher. When she looks at me even for a second i want to rush to my room. So my mom asked hernto please not look at me. To know that someone else is in my presence makes me feel sick, anxious and i want to hide. I haven't been out in like months. Last time my mom asked me if i could go to the store with her real quick and i made her wait like 40 minutes in the car because she promised me it would be empty but there were so many people. I cried and she took me back home. A girl on here made a mytake saying she struggled with social anxiety yet the whole post talked about how she was bullied and that made her depressed. I mean what? She also said somewhere in her post that "she's finally getting ATTENTION from guys" and she's happy about it. A clear sign that she does NOT have social anxiety as people that do don't want attention. I don't understand why some people pretend to have this horrible mental illness? They're mocking people like me. Social anxiety is NOT COOL. It's hell. Sorry i needed to rant cause i'm so angry and shaky. Please can someone explain why
Why do some people pretend to have social anxiety?
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