Guys touching girls' legs?

Why do guys get so turned on by touching a girls legs? My boyfriend does this but, I don't know why he loves to touch my legs...I mean, I love it when he does because it feels so good...but anyways, is it just because it's skin contact or something?


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  • well personally I'm a legs guy, I love girls with nice legs, they don't have to be really muscularly toned they just have to look good, so its like everything else with guys, touching is better than just looking, and plus I love it when I stroke a girls legs and she closes her eyes and breathes slowly, being able to do that is a really rewarding feeling


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  • its because girls legs are the sexiest part of the girl. you girls can show off your entire legs when you go out places. you girls... for some reason..., can keep your thighs and inner thighs very soft and silky smooth. and its cute when us guys are able to be rubbing on your thighs and inner thighs and especially when we are kissing on them too

  • yea, nice soft girly legs, just beautiful <3.


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