Do guys like girls who act like guys?

Hi I am 22 years old and I act like a guy but I am in to guys. I do dress like a girl but band tee-shirts, jeans and sneakers are my best friend when I go out. Yes I have some girl clothes like a tunic I wear with leggings. I eat as much as a guy and still have a great body. I can kick a guys ass in Tony Hawk. I had to kick Poison Ivy's ass in Batman Arkham Asylum for the guys could not do it and I did it on the first try. I am very laid back and find girls catty most of the time. When I do act like a girl it creeps out my guy friends a lot and it is very funny. My idea of fun is video games, wings and a cold Bud Light with the boys. I play football, basketball, soccer and baseball. I would play hockey but I can't skate for crap. Am I to guy like? Is there away I can be both girlie and still be chill with the guys?
Do guys like girls who act like guys?
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