Why do feminists believe it is OK to hate men?

I think most guys who have any significant personal experience with individual feminists know that they are motivated on some level by hatred towards men. It is obvious when you get into any detailed discussion with them about gender issues. But most of them will not admit they hate men, and I think many of them don't even recognize their own misandry.

But some feminists are quire honest and open about their hatred. They justify it in their own minds by believing it does no harm to hate men. Do they honestly not see how their hatred is harmful? How can they not see it?

An example is Zara Larsson from Sweden. She is a very successful singer, an avid feminist and an unabashed hater of men. Some of her quotes are:

“I hate guys. Hate, hate, hate.”

"To some it seems to come as a huge surprise that men are swines"

"It doesn't hurt men if I hate them""

“It's not fucking hard to be generalized. Generalizing a privileged and a socially powerful group is harmless"
Why do feminists believe it is OK to hate men?
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