Ni gger, Nigro, Nigroid, Black ppl?

Hmmmm in fact, according to Asian education,
Black people should be called Black people.
However, while learning British literature or American literature, the words "Negro" and "Negroid" were often used, so the prfessor taught us to use those words.
And as the dictionary mentions "Negroid" and "Negro" are the words to refer Black people, and "Ni gger" is the word slurring black people, I learned that may be "Negro", "Negroid" and "black ppl" are acceptable words for black people.
Then while later, I realized that European culture teaches "Ni gger" can be used in certain circumstances because the literature use that word to describe black people, while "Negro" is a terrible word to use.
On the other hand, American education teaches people to use the word "African American" to call black people. However, then how should we call other black ppl? Like how about the European black people or black people who are citizens of Asian countries? should we call them "African European" and "African Asian"?
Ni gger, Nigro, Nigroid, Black ppl?
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