Why is Portland such a hell hole?

It should be the capital for the black people and democrats all living and destroying them selves. They even eat them selves too. God some times think liberty is a complete waste when you have complete chaos when democrats run the city.

with all the riots for what 70+ days strait now... really I don't think the avg Joe and working family gives two fucks about BLM and the people burning down the city.
How many innocent people have to die for these bloody thirsty BLM protesters to be happy. 5? 10? 20? If I had the choice I would have saved 20 innocent lives if it meant sacrificing one black life. I'm sure he's in his holy pot garden right now looking down on you and saying "Wtf is wrong with you black people" Where is China? They would have captured every single piece of rioter and beat them black and blue and thrown them into a labor camp, what do democrats do let them off the hook and drop charges.I spit on the BLM and its supporters, yes that's right democrats who support this shit of an excuse to turn the majority of hard working American lives and business owners upside down. Just wait till the dust settles Portland will be another Chicago with record high unemployment for black people because business owners don't want to deal with weak democrat leaders letting rioters destroy their livelihoods.
Why is Portland such a hell hole?
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