Why am I embarrassed about my hobby around certain people?

I am completely comfortable with people who share the same interest as me... But when I'm around my family or anyone who doesn't share the same interests, I feel like they are judging me for what I do and they don't understand the passion I have. It makes me feel like my hobbie isn't that important anymore, and it is my life so it makes me feel insecure in general. Is it always this way? for an example, if you are a writer, but aren't famous and haven't accomplished much, but you still get by, why do people judge you based on your superficial accomplishments (college degree, job titles, material possessions)? why can't they see your love for what you do and understand that it's your choice for what you do? I don't want fame/money, why is that proof of success? Success to me is good health and happiness. f*** my family... ugh. can anyone help me with these family get-togethers where they ask "what are you doing?" "you don't have a job?!"(crazy face) "you don't go to college?!" I have very little hope for any true original artists, philosophers or inventors to emerge when we are all being institutionalized and criticized for following our passions (music, writing,photography, science...etc)
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"my hobbie"= my passion and job
Why am I embarrassed about my hobby around certain people?
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