Could you date someone who was a strict Conservative?

Me and my boyfriend are both right leaning but im definitely a lot more liberal than he is.

I love to party, I love drag, i love different cultures etc and im all together pretty open minded. My friends joke if i was a man id be gay. Im pretty camp and fabulous and my boyfriend loves it even if he doesn't understand it but we are extremely different in some ways.

My boyfriend lives in the country loves to fish, hunt and all that stuff. Im there in my glittery high heels whilst my boyfriend is in his hunter wellies covered head to toe in tweed and mud.

My next door neighbour is trans and i will amit we do make a few jokes about them mainly about how they dress because it's extremely inappropriate no matter there gender but my boyfriend just said it wasn't normal or right for them to be trans and we had a big debate about it. i actually support trans rights just as long as its for the right reasons and they are consenting adults.

When we have heated debates like this we usually agree to disagree but it does worry me if we were to ever have a LGBT child together what his reaction would be. He's a sweety deep down and actually has some gay friends of his own but i can't imagine his reaction if it was his own blood.

He wants to shoot animals too. I really don't know how to react to it. I personally could never kill a animal and when be told me he killed a dear i cried and we had a fight about it.

I will amit i do think more with my feelings over logic. Its just how most women are wired but i worry what are future will look like. Will he embrace my way of life or will i embrace his.
Could you date someone who was a strict Conservative?
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