What are feminists doing about 'divorce rape' ?

What are feminists doing about divorce rape ?
They claim to fight for gender equality, according to some of the supporters, but what about an issue that's affecting men?

It's obvious that some man-haters celebrate this kind of thing and show what they really stand for:

Woman divorces man and gets 186 billion dollars. Was recently seen out with a hot younger guy, are you happy for her?

Some men are reluctant to marry, because they have a lot to lose.

Before people start dodging the question, ignoring a clear, legal injustice and saying 'men shouldn't marry then' why not? Not everyone has kids either, so don't bring that up, IF you aren't going to answer the question either. Shouldn't men have the right to marry and divorce without losing anything that's rightfully theirs?

Some men want to marry and guess what, it's their right and they should be allowed to do so without getting 'divorced raped', because terms like 'mansplaining and 'toxic masculinity' get thrown around, so why not even it up a little bit and call out the BS from the hypocrites with a constant victim mentality? =)

Now, I'm sure there's people out there who call themselves 'feminists' who genuinely believe in gender equality and all power to you, because it's just a label and it's not the end-all-be-all to define a person's character, morals or behaviour.
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10 mo
Wow, not even a single, pink vote on the poll and the only pink answers I received didn't even answer the question, just self righteous bible basher who writes essays preaching without answering the question and some girl talking about beers or some BS. 😂
What are feminists doing about 'divorce rape' ?
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