Are we too focused on differences between masculine and feminine?

I'm not a gender or LGBT activist, in fact I've been mostly avoiding the recent trans debates regarding sport etc. But one thing that it's reminded my of and I haven't yet seen a discussion about, is whether we place too much emphasis on defining the difference between being masculine and being feminine. I'm not talking about biology here, more superficial appearance and activities/work one chooses to do.

I've always found it odd how there's so many labels for heterosexuals (of either gender) that apparently are outside what's expected for heterosexuals to look like and do. Let's look at 2 for now which I hope illustrate's what I'm getting at; tomboy and metrosexual. If you look these up in any dictionary the explanation is pretty stupid in my opinion: basically a heterosexual that acts like the opposite gender or a homosexual. But what exactly does that even mean? Why should so many activities be considered masculine or feminine; if a woman wants to work in construction or be the next MMA champ why do we need to label her anything different to a woman who wants to be a model or pro chef? Similarly if a guy wants to be the next great ballet dancer or fashion designer, why should we care? Unless an activity cannot be done on the basis of biology, more power to you.

I understand that some guys just like "guy stuff" and some girls just like "girly stuff", no issues with it, but I can't help but think that if there wasn't so much stigma around this there would be more openness and common ground amongst friends, couples, family for enjoying activities they like together, without needing to do them in little sub-groups deemed acceptable. Anyway, let me know what you think.
Are we too focused on differences between masculine and feminine?
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Just thought I'd add, from my own experiences, my girlfriend and I both have "masculine" and "feminine" interests, and the result is that we can enjoy them together instead of looking forward to the next Girls Night Out or Buck's Night to do what we actually want. We've never been gay, bisexual, and definitely not trans either (imagine that) we just like what we want and don't really care what others think about it.
Are we too focused on differences between masculine and feminine?
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