Feminist "Logic". An oxymoron?

Feminist Logic. An oxymoron?
This is why I could never call myself a feminist. The lack of clarity, the hypocrisy, the warped logic, the endless whingeing, the unacknowledged bias, the constant blaming of men for almost everything, their promotion of socialist and Marxist ideas - there is just absolutely nothing positive, life-affirming or noble about it. It's vile, horrid, obscene and immoral.
Now for some heresy! :D
Gender roles exist for a reason. There are only two genders. Men cannot become women, and women cannot become men. Men should be masculine, women feminine. Being a traditional housewife is perfectly fine and acceptable. Children need discipline, and rules. Children also need both a mother and father. Abortion is murder. Marriage can only ever be between a man and a woman, not two men or two children.
Ah, I'm glad I got this out of my system. I've been wanting to lay this all out for a long time now. Such fun! :D
Feminist "Logic". An oxymoron?
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