Men or woman, who does more damage to men?


Men and women have different ways of going about hurting people they don't like. Usually when men have a dislike for someone, their way of dealing with that person might range from being passive aggressive to outright physical. In a lot of cases, this results in the men resolving their issues and being able to tolerate one another. In worse case scenario, one ends up dead or severely injured. In short, men often tend to be direct and result their issue by confronting it head on.


When women have a dislike for men, there route of dealing with it tends to be different. Since, women are physically weaker, they will go a passive aggressive route than direct physically confrontation. A lot of times, women will character assassinate a person by starting rumors about them, in order for people to turn on them and basically get them kicked out of a social group and possibly lose their livelihood. The person that this is being done to might not even be aware this is happening to them.

For example, see the public domain of gym creeps where women will label men they don't find attractive as being creeps and accusing them of perverted behavior for merely looking in their direction. In a more local setting, a girl will spread this idea around said gym, until said guy is socially ostracized and possibly kicked out. Physical harm might come their way, if some white knight male takes it upon himself to defend women from the supposed "Gym creep".

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Men or woman, who does more damage to men?
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