Do high school couples usually break up in college?

My boyfriend and I are both seniors this year. We started dating in early June, so its been almost 8 months I would say. We're doing the whole college process now and its making me think about what's gonna happen to us when we go to separate colleges. On New Years he said "I'm gonna miss you so much when we go to college", and I started crying, haha, so I'm freaking out a little about this. Basically, I'm just wondering how common it is for high school couples to go to college and actually stay together, and for neither person to cheat. What worries me the most is that he's gonna go to wherever he goes and meet some really cool, attractive girl and decide he'd rather be with her than with someone who he never sees, me. And maybe the same thing will happen with me meeting a guy. I hate talking about this with him because I just get upset so I thought I'd ask on here. Thanks for any answers you give!
Do high school couples usually break up in college?
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