Why do women put so much pressure on men? They make life a living hell. It's so much easier being a woman.

Women can find a man to take care of them/protect them. Women stay weak and helpless kids their entire lives whereas men are supposed to be strong protectors/earn a sh*t load of money/be successful (career)/take care of their families. A woman doesn't need to be successful... she doesn't even need a job. People don't look down on housewives. A woman doesn't feel the need to work out/train martial arts to prevent getting beat up in front of her boyfriend. She's not supposed to be the sexy protector he admires. She can lean back an enjoy life. She's supposed to be the sexy, cute and innocent wimp. A girl can break down in tears and it's fine, but a man's a complete sissy if there's one single tear. Men are not allowed to be scared of ANYTHING. If we're not bad enough, we're lame and wimpy. If you're a girl that plays rock, you're cool and awesome and everything (even if you suck), but if we're not really good then we're pathetic losers/wannabes.

In this 'equal' society, men are still expected to make the first move. Women can choose which guys they like, and can get away with being pretty nasty to the ones they don't. Men have to rely on ambiguous signals and hope they get it right, otherwise they could end up in a world of hurt and humiliation. Nice guys always finish last. Nice girls are only ever single by choice. Men have to be perfect everything in order to get women. Women only need to be able to breathe on their own in order to get men. The list of positive qualities that women look for in men is 9999999999999999 times longer than the list of positive qualities that men look for in women.

Cute weak and helpless women expect perfect men/strong and highly intelligent and rich and successful protectors to ask her out. Isn't it ridiculous? Oh how I wish I was a helpless woman. I remember being a kid. Great times.


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  • LOL you pretty much nailed it, I like how you talked about the working out thing, it's so true. Pretty much everything was on point, you should copy and paste this into an article.


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  • @ A girl can break down in tears and it's fine, but a man's a complete sissy if there's one single tear

    @Women stay weak and helpless kids their entire lives...Oh how I wish I was a helpless woman. I remember being a kid. Great times.

    Do you listen to yourself at all. you keep repeating women are sissies, in everyway. Then go on to complain that men can't cry or they will be called a sissy. So what you are saying is men have to cry to be called a sissy. women just have to have a vagina. I don't think your argument is coming shoeing men to be under attack. quite the opposite.

    women are weak children? how is that not calling someone a sissy.

    Sissy- coward, weakling, milksop, namby-pamby, baby, wimp; informal softie, chicken, milquetoast; pantywaist, crybaby, powder puff.

    Lots of women take martial arts-- to avoid minor annoyances like rape, or domestic abuse, bullying, random acts of violence. not for show.

    No one said life is easy for anyone. Blaming women or men won't help. were all part of the same world.

    I don't know any women who are married are being supported by men. I think you read a comic book from the 1950s & fell asleep, had a night mare, woke up & thought it was real.

    • I am extremely calm in emergency situations. that isn t prof of anything anymore than you saying You have seen something. We have all sen a lot of things. I have seen men crack many many times. This is all anecdotal. it is exemplifies nothing.

      Youre so completely full of sh*t, I'm not bothering going into detail.

  • Girls are weak children that don't need to do anything?Excuse me?I am 18 years old, I have a boyfriend, but he has a job, and I have a job, and we don't share our money.I work for myself, I clean for myself, I do my laundry for myself, and I am strong.Why?Because I have to be, my Dad passed away 3 months ago, my mother is severely ill, mentally, and I have to be strong, I have to be 'bad' because nobody will be there to pick up the pieces apart from me.I cook for myself, look after myself, and pretty much do everything independently and I'm barely an adult.

    I know PLENTY of other women who have to do most things for themselves, and for their boyfriends, who barely lift a finger and expect everything to be handed to them on a plate.

    You are very sexist.

    Oh, and by the way?My boyfriend has cried before, he cried when I tried to break up with him, and that didn't make him a sissy, it made it clear to me that he loved me so much, and was couldn't help doing what most men are petrified of doing, all because he just didn't want to be without me.He also cried when my father died, he cried with me, he watched me sob my heart out and it broke his heart, so he cried too.Now you tell me that isn't a man.

    Grow the hell up, seriously.You sound RIDICULOUS.

    • "You are very sexist."

      seriously, learn to spell. it is spelled "SEXY", not sexist. how am I supposed to take you seriously?

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    • i read your answer. it's obvious you're an intelligent girl, but that doesn't change the fact women put too much pressure on men/expect much more than they have to offer.

    • I don't though, so saying *all women* do is a pretty ridiculous generalization.I don't depend on no man for anything, most of them couldn't do what I do for myself anyway.

  • wow you sound pretty bitter about this. I guess I can see how that can happen, you seem to have gone through a lot of crap with women like this. but not all women are like that. I for one can't stand being the "cute wimp." girls like that usually get on my nerves. I have no problem going for the guy (least I didn't till I got rejected several times.) but I'm not going to stop trying because it's not in my nature to sit back and simply let men come whenever. and I'm sure as hell not going to rely on a man to take care of me--i'm getting my own degree in chemical engineering. plus I work out at the rec center semi-regularly.

    so yea not all girls are like that. honestly, being the type of woman you describe sounds like a horrible way to live. I couldn't stand doing that.

  • Did I miss the shuttle to 1950 or something? Last time I checked, things aren't so much like that any more.

  • Sounds like you're insecure that you're not as good as other men, so you take it out on women.

  • Welcome to BitterTown. We hope you enjoy your stay.

    • that's all you got to say? no arguments? of course not. you know I'm right/you're unable to prove me wrong. kind of sad.

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    • no, it isn't. I don't like to waste my time writing comments.

    • It is, imo.FYI, just because people don't write much, doesn't mean they secretly agree.They just can't be assed to answer such a silly question.

  • Oh shut up. Why don't you go on rant.com for bitter a**holes. This site is for people with constructive questions.

    • that's all you got to say? no arguments? of course not. you know I'm right/you're unable to prove me wrong. kind of sad.

    • Just because the girl hasn't said much, doesn't mean she agrees with you.She probably thinks the question is so ridiculous that its not worth answering.

    • calm down baby, calm down.

  • I've been working hard in a factory for the last seven years, and saving my own money. I live by myself. I have never lived with a guy. I haven't really had too many relationships. I don't expect a guy to do things for me. I'd be screwed if I did. I don't how you figure women don't need jobs. If I didn't have a job, I'd be still living at home with my mom, which would suck. Which by the way, my mom raised my sister and I all by herself after my dad died. Right now my sister is single and raising her son all by herself because her ex left her after he cheated on her. He doesn't sent her child support payments. My sister has to work to raise her son. My mom had to work to raise us. I have to work so I can buy my place in a year. I just bought a car, but I have to work to pay for it. Everything I have in my life I earned all by myself with no mans help. So how do you figure I don't have to work?

    Theres a guy I really like, and I don't ask him out not because I expect him to do it but because we work together, and I am terrified of making things awkward. If it weren't for that, I'd do something about it. And he's not rich.


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  • Yeah women also have to worry about:

    boneheads who think they are better - putting them down (without him having any fear of losing teeth),

    being raped,

    being left alone (imagine guys didn't approach you, what then?),

    only being approached by nitwits,

    guys who tell them they will give them the world, the kinda guys you and I both know who talk about anything on 2 legs with a hole,

    not getting as far in a career due to being a woman (not in all cases),

    bleeding monthly which causes you pain, to be irritable and have random boneheads not understand and expect you to be peachy,

    estrogen which causes a lot of things to effect you more emotionally,

    beauty mags which in most cases you will never live up to,

    getting pregnant (what if the guy leaves? if he doesn't it's 9 months of agony or a hard decision),

    cleaning up your sh!t,

    keeping things tidy and cooking, (again not in all cases)

    keeping you sexually and mentally satisfied despite the fact that half the times they don't get to climax (unless they get a guy who puts in the effort) while putting up with your constant nagging, not to mention while you are asking her what she did all day as if she did nothing and any mess around the house mysteriously disappeared, the clothes washed and folded themself and your pee around the toilet evaporated into thin air,

    can contract an STD much easier than a man, (just becuase you sleep with someone who is HIV positive does not necessarily mean you will contract it, in fact being circumcised even helps, when the cells of an infected person are left under the foreskin it increases the risk)

    many more...

    Not all apply to all women and that doesn't cover everything.

    At the end of the day men and women are different, despite what the femanist frothing at the mouth has to say about it. There's pro's and cons to both but generally speaking a guy should be a gent to a lady if he expects to be taken care of. It doesn't take any effort to be kind, attempt to understand how she is feeling and open a door for her / give her a massage every now and then.

    I'm not saying all women are innocent, or that they have it harder than we do. A lot of them possess the capacity to be nitwits too. Dating for the most part is easier for women, I watched a documentry where a lesbian chick dressed up as a man to see how hard it is. She got shot down so many times and didn't have a clue what was going on, I think she gave a 2nd thought to being straight, it was really entertaining.

    Anyway, surely by now you realize life isn't fair. Sometimes you're winning, sometimes you're losing.

    As for the fighting and stuff I think you got some issues friend. Not everyone is out to get you. If you are having a problem with your lady and other men try explain to her what you do and don't like instead of dictating. Women are quick to assume you want to suck their soul and quicker to rebel against it. For the most part, blame the idiot that caused them to react like that (not always the case).

  • So what are ya waitin for! Get yourself a pair of nice pink panties and call Dancing With the Stars!

  • Lol look out man you're going get bitched out by the ladies here. I agree though most women in there early 20s go looking for that bad boy to f*** them silly. After they get older and all of the bad boy losers leave them and or have nothing. They go back looking for the "nerdy" guys who have money now. Bitch please, where were you when I was 20, lmao.

    Just having fun.

    • lmoa, any girls who gave me negative are full of sh*t. It's a proven fact, women love that bad boy look, and they all want to fix them, because she's that special girl who can LOL

  • Okay first of all you are the saddest example of a man that I've ever come across in my life. Second of all HOW DARE YOU belittle women and their role. As a man you are supposed to protect your woman and provide for your family. If you are not capable of doing so, don't have kids and don't get married. You don't deserve to have a family with that mentality. I really can't believe some of the things you're saying. Who said that men aren't supposed to cry? If men weren't supposed to cry we wouldn't be physically capable of doing so. Don't get me started on how you think men are supposed to be perfect and how the female standard is too high. The female standard is high because they are supposed to look for someone to protect and provide for them and their children. That's human nature. If you don't believe that, don't have children because we don't need an idiot like you instilling another generation with that crap that you think are morals!

    Wow dude. You fill me with rage. If I knew you personally, I would make you eat the ground. I hope you die alone because that's all you deserve.

    • And ladies, don't listen to this boy. He doesn't know what being a man is.

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    • if you don't work out, you'll be in the friend zone til the day you die. you are mentally challenged. of course a man needs to protect his woman... that's not the point. women expect much more even though they have nothing to offer (besides looking pretty). you are not a real man. you let women fool you and you don't even realize it. what a sissy you are. I feel sorry for you.

  • You're right. WOmen want a ton from men - more then men expect from women. Of course not many men have even a good number of those qualities, and if you manage to have them, women will be backstabbing each other like crazy to get at you.

    So become one of them, and then remember that you're the prize.

    • I don't expect much off men, what's with all the hating?

    • I feel no hate.

      I think you see guys like this who are bitter. But what they're really bitter about is that what they were told about dating growing up was B.S. They'll get over it, most of them.

    • I'll also note, to you, emma, that women do not expect everything he lists. All of those things are liked by some women, but I think most women simply want a guy who is decent looking, decent to them, mature, can handle life as a grown up, and that they feel some respect for.

      Men? Honestly, lower targets then that even :p Most guys want a girl who looks okay, likes them, and is sort of nice. The rest is a bonus.

  • You raise many valid observations about the sociological ordering of things. It's too bad many people here are too busy being offended than actually understanding your arguments. Ah what can I say. Women aren't very rational creatures.

    You claim (rather validly) that women essentially subsist on men, then a woman comes along and BLAH BLAH BLAH no, I DON'T subsist on men, I have a boyfriend and we both work blah blah blah.

    That's not getting the point is it? The fact that one woman isn't a parasite doesn't speak about the majority of women. You're right housewives aren't scorned upon. What about househusband? Let's have the woman go out and work while the man stays at home and tends the children hmm? That'd never fly.

    Anyway, it's all very taxing. Granted the way you phrase things is very provocative, but these things SHOULD provoke some response in order to be analyzed and understood. Best of luck.

  • makes me angry

  • Why don't you just start cross dressing? You obviously would rather be a woman.

    • i'm impressed. you can read. "oh how I wish I was a helpless woman."

    • I didn't even bother to read that far... I couldn't.

      You make me sick...

  • "Nice guys always finish last." - I agree 100%. Only a jerk would finish before the girl!