Can a man live without a woman forever and still be happy?

I'm a 26 year old man from a third world country. I've never been in a relationship in my life. This is because I'm neither rich nor good looking. In my country, women will ONLY date or marry men who are either insanely rich or extremely good looking. Please don't think that I'm not rich because I'm lazy. That's not the case at all. I slog my @ss off at work for 12 to 13 hours a day, yet I earn only a modest salary which is only enough for my basic needs. That's the way it works in a third world country, and I don't have enough money to migrate somewhere else. And regarding looks...I can't help it if I'm born ugly. And also there is no way I can change my looks. Of course, plastic surgery is an option, but I'm not in a position to afford that.

So the way I see it, there is probably no way a woman will ever date or marry me. Now I have reached a point where I don't even think of women. They just don't exist to me. Its working fine now. But I just wanted to know, will I be able to live happily without a woman till the end of my life? Right now, I'm extensively using music and video games as a means to prevent my mind from thinking about women. As of now, that's working for me. But will I be able to continue like that till the end of my life?

P.S. Please don't say that all women don't only go for looks and money. I agree there are a few genuine women who don't think that way, but I'm pretty sure they would all be either in a relationship or married.
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And in this age where even 14 year old kids date, I certainly feel that at age 26, I'm way past my prime for dating.
Can a man live without a woman forever and still be happy?
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