Are France the most undeserved team to win the WorldCup?

I have seen WorldCup finals for the last 30yrs (7 in total) Every country who won it the previous 6 finals, they were deserved winners, they never cheated or bullied the ref at all. The ref didn't give bias decisions to them (Brazil 1994 2002, France 1998, Italy 2006, Spain 2010, Germany 2014).

The first french goal: Griezmann dived to win a freekick, the freekick was converted by a header from Pogba who was offside! The linesman missed it, but we've had so many of these marginal decisions go to VAR throughout the tournament.. but why not this one? Simply put, Bias.

The second french goal: The Croatian player moved his hand down to avoid handball, it was clearly hand to ball which is not a penalty. The referee knew this and gave a goalkick, but the French players hounded him, bullied him, he went to VAR. He looked at VAR for a very long time, he even ran back to VAR again unsure of the decision. The rules state that if in serious doubt the decision should be awarded to the defending team... the ref was bias yet again! He awarded the penalty.

The referee threw the game.

Why in this WC final were the referees bias to France and easily bullied into decisions? Simply put... Michel Platini is french, and governed FIFA for so long and he was even investigated for corruption. After the investigation was completed, he was told to resign and leave (the man was proven to be corrupt). He was forcibly removed after repeated refusals to leave.

This World Cup final is a great shame, the deserved winners were Croatia! Congratulations Croatia for your bravery and I can only apologise as a fan of the world for the injustice.
Are France the most undeserved team to win the WorldCup?
Yes - Croatia deserved to win it and the French had a bias referee.
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No - the french didn't cheat, Griezmann didn't dive and it was a handball
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I must point out other things that occurred which I missed.
A collective of french fans ran onto the pitch during a significant counter-attack by Croatia, never seen in a WC final before, where was the security?
The ref stopped Croatia from mounting an attack 4 croatians on 3 french defenders, the croatian was behind the defense ready to cross it in when the ref blew his whistle to have the freekick retaken, he pointed to his whistle like its his call whether a freekick should be taken quickly
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The quick freekick happened on the halfway line, never seen before that freekicks from there are told to be retaken. Only on the edge of the box when a freekick requires a wall and the ref to organise it. Even then a quick freekick can be taken within 10seconds of it being placed down.
Are France the most undeserved team to win the WorldCup?
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