Do you think I'm cut out for boxing?

My reason for actually joining a league is that I dont feel successful in other venues of my life. I think that I can express my self-loathing and desperation for improvement through my fighting technique. I don't necessarily care for the sport itself, but I feel like while everyone else is having their happy relationships and experiences, I need to refine myself and obtain victory with my own hands. Boxing is a perfect place to do that because my hard work directly translates to results in a way that is tangible and obtainable for idiots like me.

People say that my reasons for wanting to fight are wrong and that I won't do well but I feel the complete opposite. I'm tired of people looking at me and thinking so lowly of me. I want my opponents and the people watching to feel my intensity in every punch, and when I win, nobody deny me my victories.

Its angsty and edgy, but yeah. This is what goes on in my head.

*me for reference*
Do you think I'm cut out for boxing?
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I have been training since I was 16
Do you think I'm cut out for boxing?
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