What type of athlete is most attractive to you?

What type of athlete or fitness junkie are you attracted to? For instance, you’re on a date with a girl and she mentions that she used to be a gymnast or yoga teacher and you’re like... dang she’s probably flexible, my imagination is running wild. Or for my ladies, maybe your potential date mentions he plays soccer or rugby and you’re like... mmm good cardio and some toned core, thighs and calfs, sign me up. Why are you attracted to that type of athlete, is it the stereotypical body type, the skills associated with that activity, or maybe you’re just impressed by the dedication that sport requires. Here’s mine: I love runners. I like to run. So its just attractive that maybe we have some form of exercise we can do together. I love volleyball players. Especially the ones that are taller and some hops. Jumping a lot leads to toned glutes... who doesn’t love glutes? I like dancers. (Both hip hop type and even ballet) I am so impressed at their stereotypical work ethic. And I love music and rhythm so its extremely attractive when a girl has got rhythm and can move her body to it. What about you guys?
What type of athlete is most attractive to you?
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