I swear, who thinks Zion Williamson SUCKS?

This entire team (New Orleans) needs training on basic fundamentals of basketball.

Zion likes taking (and missing) one-handed jumpers?

Somebody needs to teach him the basic one-hand shot. He shoots only 50% from the field, even though most of his attempts are actually lay-ups, finger-rolls, and dunks. The coaching staff needs to put a bunch of dots on the practice court at random 8 to 10 foot locations from the goal, and have him shoot 1000 shots per day using his right hand only, and form a basic "L" shape with your right arm and shoot the ball into the goal. If he likes 1 handed jumpers so much, for God's sake at least teach him the basic shot mechanics to make 1 handed shots. Also, this dude doesn't get enough assists and rebounds to be a "real" team leader. He needs 8-9 rebounds and 8-9 assists per game to be a real "elite" player, and right now he only gets about 5 rebounds, 1 assist per game and apparently 0-1 Steal per game. This is pathetic.

The entire team is pathetic. They miss defensive assignments... in a five man sport in Basketball. Like how is it you don't even know who you're supposed to be guarding on defense in a five man sport, but you're being paid tens of millions of dollars to play this game?

Also, we need a better coach than this loser. This guy is too non-committal about losing games. "Oh yeah, Steph Curry is just Steph Curry."

Well dumbass, You're the Coach, figure out a way to guard him, or recruit better players next draft. Duh. Don't just "Well it's Steph Curry".

It can't be that easy to hit 7 or 8 three-pointers in one game. Like my God, people found ways to guard Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, so someone on the team step up and at least keep Steph Curry from getting a free basket every possession.

Like what is Mrs. Benson thinking? Fire this coach and hire Gonzaga's coach for God's sake. Offer whatever it takes.
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Anyway, Zion actually needs to make those 8-12 foot jumpers and one-handed/finger roll attempts, and the only way to teach him that is 1000 reps per day in the Gym. Like DON'T attempt the under-handed finger roll from 10 feet if you SUCK at it. Stick to the fundamentals of Basketball: Basic jump shot mechanics. Teach him a good fadeaway jumper to use too, all the great players have a fadeaway jumper..
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I apologize. It's not his fault. The rest of the team sucks. His numbers are good enough if the rest of the team produced one more block or steal each AND one more shot made each, they'd win games, but you can't expect him to do all that himself. If they actually made shots when they had the ball, his assist numbers would climb naturally anyway.
I swear, who thinks Zion Williamson SUCKS?
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