Craziest Hostel Story/Experience?

I'm considering taking a vacation to Europe (likely Germany and Switzerland) next year. Only other vacation I've been on is when I went camping at Kejimkujik national park which was awesome for camping with my mates by the lake so planning to do something a bit larger and explore some parts of the world I've never been before. I love reading about history which is why I think Germany would be cool, and Switzerland is just gorgeous to maybe stay in an old fashioned small hotel, or some older homes/bed n breakfasts through airBnB.

Likely staying in Hostels will be the best way to save money and meet some interesting people along they way I'm told. What are they like/would you recommend that over a hotel?

I have never stayed in one before so don't know what to expect. Cost per night, any place to lock your backpack/gear up? How many people in a room is recommended or is common? Is there a lot of sex that happens there or is everyone usually pretty respectful of the common areas? Or if I bring a girlfriend is there any privacy like you may find with a Harry Potter style train carriage or mostly open room concept? Finally do you generally tend to meet people for a couple days, or more just play cards, or grab some drinks with the people there for that night only if everyone is coming and going, or do people mostly just keep to themselves a lot of the time?

Any other tips and advice are appreciated.
Craziest Hostel Story/Experience?
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