Joe Biden- This Nation Loves You

Joe Biden- This Nation Loves You

Joe thank you. Thank you for being you, thank you for sharing the struggle and heart ache of your family losing a son.

Joe thank you for being a great son of this land. Thank you for your foreign services committee endeavors but most of all Joe, thank you for being a strong role model and VP.

My hat is off is to you good sir. Few men have better served our country. Joe you are a hero and a patriot.

Joe Biden- This Nation Loves You
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  • Dred1614returns
    I disagree with virtually everything he stands for. However, I wouldn't for a second question his integrity or his character.
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    • sjoes006

      Well thank you, those words to me mean a greater deal than you may ever know.

      I see you support Trump and I gladly wish for more supporters like you. My favorite words are 'opponent not my enemy'.

      Your words are so very important. It's a lesson I didn't learn until I was at least 24. I don't hate GW and while I hate every action Cheney took I know I don't hate Bush because he meant well. He was coming from a pure heart.

      Biden is an extremely smart and well meaning person.

      I hope I can be as open minded as you ever vet the next years. I always look to do so but sometimes there is little to grab at as hope.

      We should all be more like you.

  • zagor
    Someone told me he was involved in a corruption scandal back in the 90's.