Assassin's Creed - the Movie


Stars Michael Faassbender and it's based on the video games of the same name.

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

The machine he goes into allows him to go into his ancestor's body and do parkour and base jumping...while he looks for something these people really need...with that they'd eliminate violence from the world... And he does all of this by killing a bunch of

The movie is AWFUL!

The action sequences had a lot of promise...but they were ruined by directing - awful, awful directing!

Apparently the directed just couldn't live with himself knowing his audience might see the WHOLE fight sequence in it's entirety, so he did a lot of switching from the assassin to 'Michael' in the machine...hoping for it to seem more challenging. With this in mind he treated his audience as idiots who apparently couldn't figure out that it was him the whole time...doing it in the present - which translated into the past... As if the majority of this movie's audience weren't the ones already playing these games for God knows how long!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

Action sequences desire to show everything from 3 different angles. This cutting back and forth to different shots ruins the audience's enjoyment and immersion in the action, and the sotry itself by default.

The plot didn't make sense...and they relied on CGI to 'fix' everything.

The actors were not over their heads, but the movie dumbed them down... It's a movie that's suprisingly PG 13 - even though the games are for the over 18 audience, rated mature. It's weird that the movie cuts away from violence and the blood is more black than red. It's nuts!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

The movie had a lot of potential - they could've done SO much with this...and yet they didn't.

The box office seems to be what's most important here...not paying homage to a wonderful game - which it should've been!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie
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  • AleDeEurope
    I don't think the movie was awful, but it wasn't as good as an AC fan like myself would have wanted.
    I think the main problem with the movie, was the Animus, it wasn't an Animus, it was something else, this changed the whole movie.
    In the games, Desmond earns all the abilities from the Bleeding Effect, so he's just laying down in the Animus learning all those moves. In the movie, this doesn't happen, so that's why we have the main character moving around like in his memories, and that's why we have all the action being cut and going from past to present all the time.

    This is just the first movie, there's obviously gonna be a sequel, and maybe that's why they did it the way they did it, and spent more time in the present, but still, the main reason people play the games is for the story from the past, and in the movie it was basically nothing, it felt like just something to fill up and because the games have a past story, but in the end, everything was focused on the present, and the story from the past had little to no meaning, and definitely didn't get you hooked, the only good parts was the action parts, that's it.

    I don't think overall it was a bad movie, I did enjoy it, it was entertaining, but considering AC is my favorite video game saga (the 1st one being the best game), I was a bit disappointed it didn't remain faithful to the essence of the games.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Rainie_
    I find it so sad how a lot of games can have so much potential for a great movie but they just never push it far enough and instead go for the "safe box office money bringer" type.
    The biggest issue is often the fact that the games that turn into movies are often 18+, and the movies come out PG. It's just so stupid! Drives me insane.
    People are so worried about how much money they can draw in instead of making a good movie that stays true or is even better than the game itself, they rely on people's nostalgia and their wish for live action (which only leaves them disappointed).

    Plus if a movie is too short then opt for TV series?

    I've also noticed that game made to movies rely too heavily on CGI (the ugly, obvious kind) in scenes that could be made different, takes away a lot from the enjoyment as well. They just think CGI fixes everything, should be last resort, not cause they're lazy.
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  • FusionGuy
    Omg that's such a bummer the movie is crap, I was actually expecting something good since its assassin creed.. I actually had an obsession with these types of games during the PS2 and PS3 days. Have you played prince of Persia or seen the movie? Honestly doesn't disappoint in either fields, totally my favourite game
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  • IronPickle
    aww. I was hoping it was going to be amazing. :D I'll probably still check it out though. it's in cheap theatres here so it's only like $2. but I am really sick of Hollywood ruining what should be epic movies. :(
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  • Vindicated
    I love the game as itself

    the movie? not so much
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    • DBAOracle

      I never watched the movie. The game is great though but I've been losing interest since Desmond died and it kinda started to suck for me since Unity.

    • Vindicated

      @DBAOracle Yeah same here. I mostly liked assassin`s creed 1 and the revolutions. I have not even played the latest version of it.

      Sure i sorta exaggerated that i loved it, but compared to the movie, the game is much better xD

  • lime_rampljuset
    I heard Ubisoft learned the lesson, and might change director... I say we take the streets and protest for better video game film adaptations.
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  • Jan1ssary_
    I am a Assassins Creed player, but what the hell is that shit? I'd like to see Ezio and his story not a Spaniard dude lol.
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  • oddwaffle
    Almost every Video games that got a movie would be universally bad. The same holds for movies made into a game.

    Games tend to have more complex plot and demand a lot of interactions. The interactions are critical parts of the plot and they don't translate well into movies. Take Hitman series for example, the key attractive to the game is planning your assassination. plotting out routes, researching your target and act quickly. This whole process would get maybe a 10min with audiences looking at some scene.

    The only decent games to movies transition would be visual novels. Most people would argue they aren't really games because you have actual no game to play and just spend time reading a stpry and maybe do some light RPG battles. These things are scripted so heavily that the 'game' part is merely added later to make it more interactive.
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  • spuitkaas
    I've seen it and didn't thought it was that crap. I just didn't expect too much from it. I mean Assasin’s Creed strongest point was never really the storyline but more the theme and vibrance it gave to the player. I didn't really expect that they could give that same experience in a movie.
    This film was such a Ubisoft made film with the eagle view, the drama and the angles. In a game it can look pretty cool but in a film not so much. You're kinda like 'where does that eagle come from and why?' (I do know where the eagle stands for but they never explained it in the film).
    I do agree with you, the directing was shit. But it was less crap than I expected it to be because of the good actors and it did gave somewhat a vibrance in setting.
    • That's actually not true... the whole thing predicates upon the story...
      But the problem with the movie wasn't the story at all - as you can see from what I wrote...

    • Konrad

      You're really hot.

  • Kapakani
    Hm, guess I'm the odd guy out here. The story of callum was fun to me. Most movies that are based from a game, book, or older series get harshly reviewed because people want the remake or adaptation to be what they Once exepreienced.

    I just take the movies for what they are. And this was quite good to me. I don't need to see ezio, played with him for 3 games. And every other game dealt with a different assasin every time.

    So again, guess I'm the odd guy here lol. Cause I enjoyed it. Would love a follow up even :).
    • *I guess you read none of what I actually wrote here... Because if you did you'd notice I never had a problem with the story... but with the sheer execution.

    • Kapakani

      *sigh* I should've put who I was addressing I suppose. I was moreso responding to the fellas that were answering and saying they didn't care for it. Or rather see a known assasin.

      But i didn't specify that, so my apologies mate. I do get what you're saying, the film tricks to cover up the films weaknesses, I do. And I agree.

  • Waffles731
    its a video game movie, they are mediocre at best really
    • IronPickle

      Have u ever seen Double Dragon? haha. from... the 90s I think. Gotta be my favorite video game movie of all time. haha. Maybe it's just cuz Alyssa Milano was in it though. ;)

  • VanderDell
    I didn't like at all. My favorite Assassin's Creed is Brotherhood.
  • Decentguy
    i haven't watched it, but im sure its sucks
  • Konrad
    I don't care.