Assassin's Creed - the Movie


Stars Michael Faassbender and it's based on the video games of the same name.

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

The machine he goes into allows him to go into his ancestor's body and do parkour and base jumping...while he looks for something these people really need...with that they'd eliminate violence from the world... And he does all of this by killing a bunch of

The movie is AWFUL!

The action sequences had a lot of promise...but they were ruined by directing - awful, awful directing!

Apparently the directed just couldn't live with himself knowing his audience might see the WHOLE fight sequence in it's entirety, so he did a lot of switching from the assassin to 'Michael' in the machine...hoping for it to seem more challenging. With this in mind he treated his audience as idiots who apparently couldn't figure out that it was him the whole time...doing it in the present - which translated into the past... As if the majority of this movie's audience weren't the ones already playing these games for God knows how long!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

Action sequences desire to show everything from 3 different angles. This cutting back and forth to different shots ruins the audience's enjoyment and immersion in the action, and the sotry itself by default.

The plot didn't make sense...and they relied on CGI to 'fix' everything.

The actors were not over their heads, but the movie dumbed them down... It's a movie that's suprisingly PG 13 - even though the games are for the over 18 audience, rated mature. It's weird that the movie cuts away from violence and the blood is more black than red. It's nuts!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie

The movie had a lot of potential - they could've done SO much with this...and yet they didn't.

The box office seems to be what's most important here...not paying homage to a wonderful game - which it should've been!

Assassin's Creed - the Movie
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