Kylie Jenner Plasticity Is Her Get Rich Boost

Kylie Jenner Plasticity Is Her Get Rich Boost

The image of perfection IS what sells today. That's just how it is.

And you can argue she's not perfect...but in today's society her aesthetic right now is what's considered perfect...and most socially pleasing to the eye.

Yeah, you can hate her...think she's extremely artificial and insecure about the way she looks...because it is true - to an extent - BUT you can't deny her plastic surgeries gained her so much social media following and her success in the cosmetics line (which would never exist if she looked like she did before surgery - or at least wouldn't be popular at all).

Kylie Jenner Plasticity Is Her Get Rich Boost

I'm talking about her own money - no Kardashian or Jenner money, but her Kylie money - she made it selling herself: and that brand wouldn't exist without those plastic boosts. So she might be plastic - but she gained a lot more than she lost...

Kylie Jenner Plasticity Is Her Get Rich Boost

It's an age-old Kardashian tradition...and even if she is half-Jenner...why break what works? Money, people, money is where it's at > for the Kardashian-Jenner brand.

Kylie Jenner Plasticity Is Her Get Rich Boost
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  • Decentguy
    to me, she's just like a fake plastic doll.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • I'm agree. It's the traditional Kardashian-Jenner thing in that family.

    • @curiousnorway Yeah. They are all fake sluts.

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  • GraveTruth
    No, all of that STUPID crap is what HOLLYWOOD promotes and likes. In reality guys just say kim kardashian is a fat ass.

    Plastic surgery is for IDIOTS. No one respects women with plastic surgery. i Realize that modern women have absolutely nothing to offer other than their body and sex but they should at least try to earn some self worth.
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    • lumos

      "women have absolutely nothing to offer other than their body"
      Says the guy with a shirtless pic up?

    • GraveTruth

      @lumos firstly, I'm not a good example because I'm nothing special. I'm what the world has spit on since I was born.

      secondly, Let's say that absolutely perfect women sex robots were created. Look like people, can be mildly social like people, and have the same facial expressions and features as women. They just are not good for anything like working. They can't clean. Basically a guy takes one out to sexually serve them.
      Almost all real women would be single forever.

      Even when it comes to sex the robot is better. Real women are taught and hardwired to be impossible to please. You have to be a lesbian to understand. Try going down on a girl. "Too low... not low enough... do circles... deeper.. not that deep... YES or YES... go further on the side". It's ridiculous and when it comes to EVERYTHING women cannot get away from their gender. I'm a GIRLgamer, I'm a GIRL mechanic. I'm a pro-boxer... whos a girl...
      Hilary: I wanna be a GIRL Pres.

    • lumos

      Lol ok

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  • redeyemindtricks
    You're missing one of the other major reasons for Kylie's broad appeal -- her highly ambiguous mixed-race look.

    Basically, Kylie looks like she could be at least 50% of just about *any* race in the entire world.
    In other words -- no matter who is looking at Kylie's face, she could still think "hey, this girl looks like she could be part *me*, racially."

    This is definitely a big deal -- especially for girls who are themselves mixed-race, with complexions and looks that don't match those of very many models and/or makeup gurus.

    Sure, the lip fillers are responsible, too. But for LOTS of women out there, Kylie's face is one of the few out there that actually looks like it could be (at least somewhat) related to their own.
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    • Bluemax

      I had a different take on why it seems the more ethnicities were thrown in the mix, the more beautiful the person becomes, but this is...

    • @Bluemax This isn't so much about "beautiful" as about "relatable".

      Also, it's not JUST about mixing races -- it's also about how Kylie's looks, specifically, turned out. She really *does* look like she could share DNA with... well, just about anyone in the world.
      ... As opposed to other mixed-race women -- like, say, Mariane Pearl, or Kimora Lee Simmons -- who kinda don't look like they're the same race as ANYONE else (except maybe themselves).
      Those women certainly have exotic good looks, but, their facial looks aren't *relatable* in a way that makes them appealing for selling makeup. (KLS actually tried marketing a line of cosmetics, and -- pretty much unsurprisingly -- it wasn't profitable.)

    • You are right... she looks mixed...

  • RhythmBlack
    Plastic surgery is a short term fix, it'll ruin her face when she get's older and will need to get more to fix it. If nothing is wrong with your face and you're just average looking, plastic surgery is throwing money away because when you age and start growing into the features you would've had the silicone and the rearranged bone structures will sooner or later fuck up your face.
    She's 18 right? She looks like a duck.
  • rushthesand
    who cares? she's a kardashian. she's supposed to be perfect looking. it's literally her job.

    the rest of us can enjoy our lives with things which are more meaningful... like binging on netflix shows. lol
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  • natured
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  • vishna
    True-people may hate on her for her 'purchased beauty' but just like her sister Kim, it has helped them become stars and become rich.
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  • zombiebabe
    the Kardashians are full of sh*t... sorry
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    • No need to apologize... I'm not a fan... Just stating they know how to make money - any means necessary.

  • lumos
    Very true. Maybe instead of bashing the Kardashians/Jenners for the way they are, we should take a look at WHY so many people are fascinated by them. Clearly they're doing something right, in a way, because otherwise they wouldn't be so popular (even if a lot of the popularity stems from hate for them, but then you could ask yourself why you would spend so much time and energy on hating someone?). They didn't become this popular out of thin air. People actively talk about them and that's what's keeping them alive. So all these people going out of their way to call them "disgusting, fake, useless, garbage" etc, congrats! You're also giving them more attention and merely making them more popular and talked about :D
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  • Rissyanne
    One day she is going to regret getting all that shit done...
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  • Curmudgeon
    I cut her slack, given what fruit loops her parents were.
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  • alphadoggystyle
    i seriously wonder if not all the wealth and attention that the kardashians, and specifically Kim and Kylie have gathered, is mainly from other women.

    Sure many guys looked at the sex tape and spam their instagram accounts, but i seriously doubt there is even a decent ammount of guys that actually would watch their show, or buy any of their products which of course are all womens products.

    Its kind of weird how the kardashians who are only famous because of their fake looks, actually have mostly female fans. Men are also not fascinated by celebrities to nearly the same extent in general compared to women so thats part of the reason. Its sad how many women in the world actually look up to these fake bitches, and as a result inspire to be like them, fake bimbos essentially.
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  • Hidden_P
    It's okay. She'll look like a puddle in 20 years. Or just like her father, "Caitlyn".
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  • BoobMan
    Wow! I had no idea what she looked like in 2011. Vive la difference! She definitely make a HUGE return on her investment there. Well played! Good on her!
  • lyannamormont
    She was ugly AF before. I am sorry to say that but it is the truth.
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  • singlebee
    Kardashians are disgusting and most fake people on the planet earth... Like seriously...
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  • JensonStatement
    True dat but why is it.
    I think she's the one who boosts that make up thing besides Kim K.
    She boosts her own wealth, smart girl!
  • spoonman2014
    The Kardashians are gypsies, they just wander into men's lives and ruin them
  • Nuala
    She became famous off of keeping up with the kardashians...
  • Tony1974
    Who cares about this tramp... she's a dime a dozen just like her mom.
    • ?

      you don't think she is kim k's daughter, do you?

    • Tony1974

      @redeyemindtricks No. I know her mom is Chris Jenner... tramp-master extraordinaire! Sadly, I think even the indigenous peoples of Brazil know about these tramps...

  • Myrrh_
    While I don't like Kylie Jenner, or the entire Kardashian Jenner family for that matter, I get where she's coming from. Can you imagine being raised by the KJ's who are obsessed with materialism and have so many personal identity problems because of obsessive narcissism? You'll feel like a freak and that something's wrong with you, that your worth is in your looks and strive for perfection like her sisters, her mother, and her "friends". It sucks that she got sucked into that. I don't wish her or any of the family members bad things but I know that she's spoken about lacking happiness because of the pressure and not wanting to have done the lip fills in the first place. I hope down the line that she'll get out of that toxicity of a family and circles and realize that life is just so much more than outward appearances, status, the latest and greatest material things.
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