2017's Highest Earning Model: Kendall Jenner


I am gonna talk about the current biggest social media icon and richest person using this fame. The name is easy to mention, Kendall Jenner.

Last year, Gisele Bündchen was entitled as the world's highest paid model by Forbes magazine which is the most important publishing of economy world. The magazine made the same research this year again and Kendall Jenner is presented at the top of the list. Gisele Bündchen has been always at the top of the list since 2002, but Jenner took over the crown.

2017's Highest Earning Model: Kendall Jenner

How much?

Well, how much money are we talking about? The 22 years old super star made 22 million dollars in 2017. Since the Kardashian eco-system spent a very very productive year; the most valuable part of the family, Kendall did her best as well.

2017's Highest Earning Model: Kendall Jenner

Hard work!

We saw Kendall in many different things which she made a lot of money from like her business people family. 22 million dollars came from different kind of deals. Especially, she collaborated with major fashion brands on Instagram. She also created her own clothing line and worked with giant brands like Adidas, Estee Lauder and La Perla. As the highlight of the year, she appeared in Pepsi commercial. Clearly, she won the title because of her hard work.

2017's Highest Earning Model: Kendall Jenner

The Giant List

As another source of money, she appeared in KUWTK. From June 2016 to June 2017, Forbes calculated the earnings in modeling industry. 22 million dollars of Jenner is followed by Bündchen (17.5 million), Chrissy Teigen ($13.5 million), Adriana Lima ($10.5 million), and Gigi Hadid ($9.5 million).

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2017's Highest Earning Model: Kendall Jenner
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  • ThisDudeHere
    "Hard work!"

    You misspelt "good genes and rich family" there,
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    Wow... Unbelievable... What money can buy - more money...
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    • Nivinxus

      Sadly that's the basis of money in general. The more money you have, the more money you can make, that's one of the reasons why I believe in 'rich get richer and poor get poorer'.

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  • Brokenheartedx
    Ridiculous she is only a model through a name...

    Though pretty she is nowhere near the league of the supermodels such as Naomi Campbell or cindy Crawford at least they worked hard for it... netpoism at its finest
    That girl has never worked hard for anything in her life... she’s in the league of Brooklyn beckham and will smiths kids... absolute joke
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  • Riggers
    "She earned it well".

    Aye, really worked hard, not like it was handed to her on a silver plate simply for being born into a family of cyber slags and bitches deluded by avarice which catapulted her to fame simply for bearing the same second name.

    But sure. Earned it. Haha...
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  • elizabethtayloraidsfoundation.org/.../...rt_v2.png

    She has often claimed to have worked very hard to be successful without using her family name. Nobody knew she walked her first high fashion runway show for marc jacobs until her sisters congratulated her via social media. And we know everybody loves a hard worker.
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  • PrettyKitty31
    She isn't a hard worker. She has a name. Personally, I don't find her that attractive even, just my opinion.
    I can't really look at her and think anything but she's had everything handed to her and didn't work for a damn thing.
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  • goddess87
    I feel like they just put her on the runway for her name. I don't know how else she could have possibly made it. You don't have to be hot or unattractive to model, but you do have to have something really special and unique about your look that I feel like she doesn't possess in her final shots. At least she is doing something with herself and building her career though
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    • goddess87

      They put Kristen Stewart on Chanel. She isn't very attractive, but she does have the ability to put off a unique look

  • MindYourEyes
    I think people who actually make cures for diseases, save starving kids, help homeless people deserve to be making that kind of money. Not people just looking pretty.
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  • Analinda1999
    with all the problems in the world , no one should be paid that for making make up and pouty faces.

    as far as her working hard. there's no way of knowing she's done anything but be in photos. she gives her name and lets everyone else do the work.

    anyhow cosmetics and clothing taking precedent over peace justice livable world is disgusting. i also thought she was gone by now. had not seen her on line for a while. she's 22 dont models go away by then she's old for that line of work.
  • AlphaMale1
    She is attractive. However, she has more than her looks on her side as she is, in the world of beauty models, a 9 of 10. Looks are not everything. It is how you play the game.

    Life works the same way.
  • Gynophile
    Hotness depends on attitude. Dont know her. Jobs dont depend on your attributes now though. Its all about who you know or blow. Think recent news proves that.
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  • Elliegirl
    If her name wasn’t Jenner, and she wasn’t related to people named Kardashian, no one would care. She isn’t even that pretty.
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  • BilykBilyk3545
    She is beautiful, but I think it is unfair that she is the most earning model. She is known because of the Kardashian that's why she became a model easily. There are so many models who deserve to be in her place since they had a long and tough way to go to become where they are now. Nevertheless, like I said she is beautiful and wish her the best. You can't chose your family right
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  • Nivinxus
    Interesting, while her looks are debatable (she does look fairly good) and her morals are... questionable. Her business skills are at the very least solid. After all, the results showed.
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  • kitty71
    Based on what? Just beause her mom was the one who pushed her into modeling so she can gain from profiting all of h er kids? She is there for her mom
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  • reixun
    She’s really famous already due to her last name. Honestly I can’t hate the player, good for her.
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  • cutekid
    Killer height, Killer legs... She totally deserves it...
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  • RomanEmperor
    Sad world when anyone in that atrocious family makes such insane amounts of money... and it's all made possible by the least deserving person with a 9 figure net worth in the world... her trash half-sister.
  • Waffles731
    Hard work? Sh3 was born with a silver spoon up her ass. Everythijg she has ajd ever will have is largely owed to the fact she was born to the parents she was
  • JulyBug
    They should have asked me , I would have done it for half of that lol
  • JSmuve
    Shit I wish I got paid 22 mill for letting people take pictures of me. Seriously.
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  • Kuraj
    Well, if anything at least she does look attractive.
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