Adele's Grammy Speech Wasn't Controversial In The Least


Why? Because it was honest, refreshing, from the heart, touching, said with love, understanding and respect towards everyone named in her speech.

Adele's Grammy Speech Wasn't Controversial In The Least

One side of the 'controversial' argument says it was ungrateful she said the Academy 'made a mistake' basically... (Not a direct quote.) But if she feels it's so, then it wasn't malicious. Also - the first half of her speech thanks the Academy, praises it and feels humbled by her win.

The other side of the 'controversial' argument claims she, because she's white, can't call black people 'black'. Why is that even controversial?! She didn't mean it in a derogatory manner. It's just an objective fact. Coming from this new world of 'Alternative facts' these days everyone seems to be afraid of actual facts. If her black friends feel empowered and represented by Beyonce's Lemonade...why is it wrong to say so?

Adele's Grammy Speech Wasn't Controversial In The Least

Her speech was amazingly touching and disarming. She was the epitome of lovely honesty...and that's near impossible to expect from a celebrity. All praise goes to Adele!

Adele's Grammy Speech Wasn't Controversial In The Least

P.S. They both deserved the album of the year for entirely different's a shame they couldn't both win.

Adele's Grammy Speech Wasn't Controversial In The Least
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  • TadCurious
    The controversy over Adele's winning album of the year was and is just ridiculous. She's by far the most unique and talented singer of her generation, and the idea that she didn't deserve the award is just stupid. She was extremely gracious, but there was no need for her to -- in effect -- apologize for receiving the award. The award she received was only controversial because Adele is white. Sadly, there are just lots of people who are perpetually aggrieved -- by everything -- and who see everything through the lens of skin color. Adele deserved the award.
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  • deraz24
    I don't think it was she was just being Adele, honest and sweet
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I thought her speech was very sweet. You could tell Beyoncé was very touched.
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  • Mr-Kabuki
    using the word black make more sense than using African American. most black people i have met were not from africa but jamaica.
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  • Rissyanne
    I dont watch that crap. It really doesn't mean anything to me.
  • SarahsSummer
    I hadn't heard it was controversial at all.
    • People were going insane because she used the word 'black'... And one other thing - explained it all here...

    • Silly. People need to understand just using the word black does not a controversy make.

  • GingerGuy
    People still watch the grammy's? lol ;)