Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey

Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey

Yup, I'm currently sitting in my living room with all my belongings that were on the floor elevated by 2 feet just in case water breaches my house. Looking out my front window, I cannot see my street anymore and my neighbors cars may go under soon. My heart goes out to those who were directly hit by the windy part of the storm on day one of Harvey, but here in Houston, we are literally dealing with rain and thunderstorms that absolutely have not stopped since late yesterday afternoon.

We have bayous that surround us in Houston meant to drain the rain away from homes and buildings during storms because Houston is a very flat city, but as every weather forecaster has said, this is just a storm that is sitting on us like Tropical Storm Allison did back in 2001. Just for perspective, I had just graduated like 2 days before that storm from high school before that hit and wrecked the city, and here we are again. This is just...well, most people at this point have no words.

Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey

Last night two very disturbing things happened. One, on one of the busiest freeways in the city, people were literally turning around and basically driving back into oncoming traffic because the bayous had flooded the freeways. Let me repeat that...the bayous had flooded the freeways, and they were basically going to be trapped. My friend and her husband spent the night on the roof of their car before just deciding to wade into the water chest deep to get to their apartment. Several friends have water seconds away from bursting into their house. Every bayou, creek, and river in this city has overflowed. The traffic map literally looks like someone dumped red paint on it, because there are so many closures due to high water.

Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey

The second disturbing thing was the police chief tweeting out that if you have to get into your attic to avoid high water, you need to take your tools or an axe or something, so you can bust through your roof so that they may rescue you, and people have had to do that. Everyone is trying their best to stay calm, to try and help their neighbors, and to basically just survive. I'm exhausted because I volunteered to take the night shift and just basically set an alarm to go off every 45 minutes so that I could wake up and check on the street flooding and in case there were more tornado warnings. At around 4am, I was woken up by the sound of the weather alert for our 3rd tornado warning, and had to dash into the bathroom with my family and after that, I just couldn't even take naps anymore. I'm exhausted, but to the point now where I'm weirdly too exhausted to sleep.

Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey

Our biggest school districts including the local colleges have cancelled the first and second days of what should have been their first day of school on Monday for K-12, and even if places of business wanted to open, very few would have any sort of access at this point to get there. At a certain point last night, the weather forecasters, all had this depressed tone in their voices, like there was no hope and we felt it because there just was no hope of this thing stopping and everything being okay. Now we still supposedly have 2-3 more days of rain.

Day 2: The Aftermath Continues from Hurricane Harvey
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  • nanook12
    Honestly, should we really feel that sorry for them? Let me explain, Texas is a very republican/conservative state, and republicans are very known for rejecting the science of Climate Change even though most scientists around the world are in unanimous consensus that human activity is causing Climate to Change. One of the main points of Climate Change is that extreme weather events (such as hurricanes) will occur more frequently and with increased severity. Now, I am completely aware that hurricanes were around before Climate Change science was a thing and probably even before humans were a thing. I am also aware that it is probably impossible to say if Climate Change due to human activity caused this hurricane or not, but extreme weather events such as droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc have been happening with increased frequency and severity all around the world exactly as climate scientists said it would. So there is an increasing pile of evidence growing that Climate Change is correct. So why should I pour out my heart in sympathy to a state that largely rejects science at their own detriment? I do feel sympathy for Texans, but not near as much as most other people do.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • btbc92
    I'm praying for everybody who is going through this. I know what Hurricane Sandy was like, and it was literally hell. But your guys down there, I already knew was going to become either 3/4 category hurricane. I sensed it, and I was already disturbed by that revelation. The only thing I can say is DO whatever it takes to survive! You have to use common sense for yourself and your love ones. Keep your phones charged, watch your surroundings, and don't just talk to every and anybody you don't know. And always keep personal belongings with you safe, keep contact with people who are your family and aren't in the flooded areas, so that way if you have to separate they know where you are. That is my advice.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the advice. I've lived here my whole life, and after so many near misses, we have all of our important paper files copied and in one place, we always have extra water on hand, emergency money and food, JIC bags packed at the start of any storm headed our way... basically hurricane kits. We've had to do this now a few times, where we have fled (this time we stayed put), so we know the drill, but it is solid advice. It's the reason we put all our stuff up higher off the floor JIC water started to come in because we didn't want to wait until the first puddle formed to try to move everything. There is just so much overwhelming devastation, that as soon as I can get on a road safely, I and a lot of my friends and family are headed out to help. I've now had 2 friends who have lost everything, so it's just going to be a lot of time, effort, and recovery that has to happen.

    • btbc92

      Go with your gut. If you have to leave, leave. Don't wait for the situation to escalate just because the authorities you don't have to. That's how we ended up with that mess in NYC with, dang, I forgot his name. A friend of mine during Sandy lost her home and she had to move in with her grandparents for years. And they STILL didn't fix their apartment. They're now talking about your situation on the news.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    I am praying for you, little one. Do whatever you must to keep you and your family safe. From what I hear more rain is in on the way. All we can do is hope that the forecasts are wrong.


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    • Anonymous

      I really appreciate that. I'm in the lull between back to back down pours, so I'm taking a break, and just relaxing and trying to regroup a bit and prepare to keep watch again during the night. I'm hoping the forecasts are wrong, but they haven't been thus far.

    • Get as much rest as you can. You will need it. May God watch over you.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, will do

  • thatguyfromtoronto
    I think people should understand the power of mother nature is so great and God is the true creator of this world and this universe. My heart and prayers go out to you guys in Texas and especially in Houston. I have family in Houston and I hope they are doing well. This is a devastating storm, ask God for help, for refuge, I hope and I know Houston and other areas of Texas can overcome this event.

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    • Bella16

      Yeah? Your loving god let this happen in the first place. If it exists, which it doesn't, it's a very cruel god. Don't waste your time talking to the air. Get out and do something useful.

    • @Bella16 Are you dumb? Don't disrespect God. No one's life is perfect, everybody has their obstacles that they have to overcome in life. I can school you on facts about how God exists and the powerful signs which he gives but if your a narrow minded 60 yr old woman, fine keep your opinion to yourself and do something useful.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I'm so sorry for your misfortune. I pray God will be lay hands on you.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Hopefully this will get better for you..
    God Bless you all~!!!
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  • momo770
    Take care, I grew up in Miami and I've been through 5 hurricanes at home and 1 in the Navy. It's very scary and i can't imagine what you're going through.
  • Frosteh
    Good luck, hopefully the rain will let up. We get periodic flooding in the UK when rivers overrun their banks, it's a nightmare.
  • redeyemindtricks
    Stay safe bb.

    The government's collective decision not to issue an evacuation order was... uhhm... I'll just say "questionable" and leave it there.

    It's true that Houston is a city of several million, and it's also true that you couldn't create a well-ordered evac operation of that many people in just a few hours (= the city's excuse for NOT issuing an order) — but, that's not the point.
    The point is that there should be some sort of large-scale plan **already in place** for exactly this sort of situation. At least for everyone living below the 100-year flood line, there should be.

    Good luck to you and all yr other friends and family who have been affected.
    • Anonymous

      I've lived here my whole life and have evacuated several times. There is NO feasable way to get this many people out of a city in even 5 days worth of warnings. There are only so many roads out of the city and then on top of that places to go. When Katrina happened and evacuees came here, we had to turn them away after a point because there just was not enough shelter... now imagine 6 million. I left for Hurricane Rita when we were evacuated and left early, and even then, a normal 4 hour drive, took 14 hours.

      People who don't live here are blaming our mayor for this, but they have no clue. They really don't. We lost a lot of people just trying to get out of this city in Rita BECAUSE they were ordered to evacuate and ended up dieing on the way out. Let me say this clearly...6 MILLION people. There is just no way.

    • Anonymous

      To continue to illuminate this... in the entire history of Houston, flooding this bad has NEVER happened. We are having to empty levees that have never "had to be" emptied in previous heavy rain events and floods. We are talking about neighborhoods that in the entire history of Houston have never flooded... these are now people with water up to their roof tops. How could they have predicted that, especially with a storm that had a track that was all over the place.

      It's just too much blame going around for things that a lot of Houstonians know could never have been predicted or prevented. People who live in the 100 year flood plane KNOW they are going to flood and they do leave or take the risk with their lives. They are frequently evacuated before storms begin. As for most others... we flood almost every year, several times a year, but not this bad... you tell people like that to evacuate, they aren't going to leave because they've never flooded like this ever, so why would they?

    • Anonymous

      There are a lot of factors that go into this. I echo what one of our state reps said on the news this morning, which is that if we put that many people on the road, even just 2 mil like we did in Rita, how would Houston then be able to help citizens on the road in high rising waters and high hurricane winds if they were trapped on those limited roads out of the city? They couldn't. They wouldn't even be able to reach those people in time for anything like in Rita. Now at least in the city, you have Fema, local volunteers, military, police, first responders, shelters opening, etc that are available.

      Sorry to go on, but I do take offense to the assumptions by some that decisions were made callously or without care to human lives or the effects on the city.

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  • jacquesvol
    A few hours ago, I heard a levee S of Houston broke.
  • Harry_Richard
    Didn't these guys try to tell the rest of us that Global Warming was a myth? #Karma #nowthatsironic
    • Anonymous

      Who are 'these guys?' We have a president who removed us from anything having to do on a global scale with regards to our environment... for profit sake. Most half way intelligent people believe that global warming is very much real... BUT for you to say Karma and nowthatsironic is disturbing. You think people deserve to die and lose all their possessions because of someone else voting against their and this planet's best interests? Really? There are thousands of disastrous weather events that happen on a global scale even to countries who cherish their environment.

    • First, do your own research. If you didn't pay attention to the Texas businesses and even climate denial being taught in Texas public education then I'm not gonna sit here and explain it. Go google that and then come back. Might wanna also google the Texas president we had and his attacks on the epa.

      YES, THOSE PEOPLE DESERVE IT. They were so fucking greedy and nearsighted that they didn't give fuck all about any of the rest of us who inhabited the Earth. Fuck you're moral high road, these cucks poisoned the planet and then tried to smear the rhetoric when the scientists came forward with the data in the 90's. Now it's 2 decades later and the planet has had enough of these petty little humans shit.

      YES, I revel in schadenfreude when people create the problems they are now faced with. Too bad, it was their behaviors that led to the consequences. There are natural disasters all the time but when it's man made it's a comedy show.

    • Anonymous

      But how many others were hit by this storm and have lost their lives? When you say they deserve it, that's nuts, because storms don't target specific people, so you're basically saying, we all deserve to flood and drown which is what I take offense to because, I, my friends, and family all live here, not just those business men or those that don't give two craps about the environment.

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Rough situation. Events like this teaches people not to take things for granted.
  • pretty-kitty
    Hope the rain lets up 😞
  • lazermazer
    Thanks but i rather watch news.
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  • 404filenotfound
    A crazy situation, thanks for sharing!
  • John_Doesnt
    I've seen the hurricane from my window.
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    looks sever!
  • CT_CD
    Stay safe op
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  • OreoMilkshake
    I hope you guys are okay
    • Anonymous

      We have managed to survive, thank you. Now it's time to start rebuilding our city and getting back into it. As one old guy said as he was literally being rescued when asked what he thought of all this, he said, well, it's just another day in my life. How true that is. Some days are the greatest ever, and some aren't.

  • Waffles731
    stay safe
    • Anonymous

      Thank you, will do

  • WhereAmI
    See anyone on jet skis?
    • Anonymous

      more like a war zone with rescue choppers overhead and military vehicles combing the streets looking for people stuck in their houses.

  • AlexSpec19
    It's a disaster
  • Anonymous
    Incredible what nature is capable of
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