Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!


Melanie's former friend Timothy Heller accused Melanie of raping her.

Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!

Timothy said she never meant to reveal who did it, but she realized it's time to be upfront and just say it, so she Tweeted this:

Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!
Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!

She released this story before, but now she's saying who the culprit was - Melanie.

Melanie, in turn, responded with saying it was a difficult time in both their lives, they were both trying to make it in the industry and she never said 'no', so she was convinced it was consensual:

Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!

Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!

What do you think?

Creepy and authentic?

Or something else?

Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape!
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  • Coconut_Man
    I think Melanie is guilty. Lets think about this logically.
    1) Timothy posted about this encounter a while back without naming the culprit. Melanie would have obviously seen the post and know that it was her Timothy was speaking about. If Melanie was innocent, she would have immediately contacted Timothy (privately) to clarify whatever "misunderstanding " she may have had about the sexual encounter. But she didn't.
    2) If someone publicly accuses you of rape and you're innocent, your defence isn't gonna be "She never said no to what we choose to do"...
    You are going to come out guns blazing. Well at least I would. If that were to happen to me, I'm giving every single detail of what happened to prove the act was consensual. So if she said "yes fuck me baby" 11 times or " oh that feels so good don't stop " 9 times , or she undressed me and guided my penis inside her etc... I'm going to mention that in my Public Statement to clear my name.

    Honestly , her weak denial is making me lean to the side of guilt.
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    • lumos

      This. It's not even denial really, she just carefully chose her words to make it seem like they were both into it and Timothy gave consent. But anyone capable of critical thinking knows that saying "she didn't say no to what we chose to do" is basically her saying "ok well Timothy didn't say yes and after I nagged to her about it for 2 nights straight she finally gave up... but I thought that was ok". Clearly not ok.

    • Thank you for MHO

Most Helpful Girl

  • Kiki98
    I feel like there is another side to this story, it's all very cryptic and mysterious
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  • lumos
    I'm thinking Melanie is guilty, even though it's hard to say in a type of situation like this where it's one word against the other, and nobody else has come forward to accuse Melanie of doing something similar (I think when many people step forward with similar stories, there's a clear pattern). The reason why is simply by looking at what they both said.

    1. Timothy mentioned multiple times in her statement that she kept saying no for 2 nights straight. How Melanie could respond with "she never said no" is beyond me. Even if Timothy is lying about saying no, I just don't get how Melanie couldn't address the fact that Timothy repeatedly stated that she said no. By saying "she never said no", it just makes Melanie seem like she didn't even read what Timothy had written. Like I just can't understand how that's your counter-argument when the other person clearly said no multiple times.

    2. Another thing bothers me about the "she never said no" argument is that not saying no isn't the same thing as saying yes. Silence =/= yes. A yes is a yes. The lack of a no isn't an automatic yes. Compare it to a salesperson who tries to sell you something in a store. They really want you to buy this fancy bag. You're standing there in silence for a moment, wondering if you should do it or not, when the salesperson suddenly grabs your credit card and says "great! Thanks for buying the bag".

    3. The "she never said no" comment therefore negates her saying "what we chose to do together". It's like an oxymoron. Timothy didn't say yes, so how exactly did they then choose to do it "together"?

    4. Timothy was under the influence of drugs + exhausted. I don't think she was in a position where she could have given consent. Not to mention that she had kept saying no for 2 nights straight. Melanie should have gotten the hint after the second no.

    Ultimately none of us will know exactly what happened that night since none of us were there. But going purely by what both of them said in their statements, Melanie seems to have crossed a line and what she said in her own statement even points to that.
  • LogicBomber
    Interesting that when a male is accused of rape he loses his job instantly and no real questions are asked. But when a female is accused she is given a voice and the accusation is questioned, excused, or debated.
    • hasrett

      Yes well it's not really the same when you're accused by bunch of random people and your best friend...

    • @hasrett Not all the men accused have been accused by multiple women. For example, Porn star Stoya simply posted a statement on Twitter about her husband (porn star James Deen) "raping" her and the femindiots went nuts trying to lynch him and destroy his career.

      Many of the men accused have been accused by some bloated overgeneralization of the basic human interaction of males forward attempts at sexual interest. Women love sitting in their protective bubble where they use their sexuality to get male attention and wait for males to take interest then pick and choose who they are ok with and demonize those who they aren't.

      I can't imagine how freeing it is to have 100% perverse freedom and then destroy anyone who I don't like for taking interest in me. That high horse is beyond reproach.

    • hasrett

      Well, @LogicBomber, just read my comment below.

      And, I don't know what type of women have you met, but most girls I know don't 'demonize' anyone. :'D

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  • MissMcK
    I am more inclined to believe Timothy, her post was so descriptive, emotional and just felt genuine, unlike Melanie's reply which lacked any emotion and basically admitted it happened I was a huge Melanie fan so I am disgusted that she would behave like this.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Who the hell names there daughter Timothy? That's not even a unisex name. Anyway... how convenient that you now decided to speak up right when all these other sexual harassment stories are just flying out. If she's a friend I would put her on blast long time ago if a friend did that to me.
    • Papavera

      Yeah, looks the same to me. Honestly sounds like a nice kickstart to her career.

  • madhatters4
    hard to say really. this is a matter of he said she said... or she said she said

    but the fact that the "victim" mentioned it previously without mentioning in particular would suggest that it isn't your run of the mill attempt to extort or shame someone... or it could be part of a long con
  • azzntittiz
    So confused right now. I hope no one ever say I raped them, well they are the ones who usually throw themselves at me, so don't come out against me bitches I am tiny and cute, everyone will know you're lying.
    • Jayson101

      It's getting OBSCENE! I have had random people call me up that I have never met accusing me of shit. and then accusing me of stalking them! It's very upsetting all the women out their doing this cause they are taught it's a really 'important' and 'brave' to fabricate stories.

  • hasrett
    I'm strongly against any type of abuse, but I'm always cautious with this type of accusations.

    I just want to say if people can be revolting enough to rape someone, they can be revolting enough to wrongly accuse someone of rape.
    I'm usually on the victim's side, but to be honest, this had really convenient timing.

    Now I feel like I betrayed something.
  • Trumpster666
    Melanie seems to have admitted to the rape so the next logical step is a police investigation. It's time we all realised that women van committ rape too.
  • 8string
    jesus Christ if its not a "NO" or obvious violent sexual assault its not rape whats with all this ridiculous grey area.
    • Jayson101

      Academia. They spend years learning about the 'grey area' and they have nothing to do with their lives but 'deconstruct' what happens to them. Academic jargon for "I need to see this as rape now because that's what the most important thing in life is according to my shallow school courses"

    • 8string

      @Jayson101 yeah that goes for both genders. all 2 of them.

    • coralee

      Completely disagree. The only way to get consent is an ethusiastic yes, silence does not equal a yes. People have different reactions to these types of things its a natural phenomeon know as the flight, fight, or freeze response and it's prevelant in all animals. If you aren't mature enough to be checking in with your partner you aren't mature enough to be having sex. I've never had a partner not check and I have never not checked. It only ruins the mood if your a teenager.

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  • fmnst
    i always get a lot of hate when i say this in these cases, but that shouldn't be considered rape (in before, not because she's a woman)
    • fmnst

      also, i'm not her fan or anything

  • JSmuve
    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait... isn't Timothy a dude's name? What's going on here?
    • txdiie_

      same XD

    • hasrett

      It usually is, but that's not the point of the story. :P

    • JSmuve

      @hasrett but its the part that grabbed my attention the most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Bandit74
    I know this isn't a popular viewpoint, but after hearing her description of events I wouldn't consider that rape. To me it sounded more like poor communication.
    • lumos

      Tmothy never gave consent, in fact she said no for two nights in a row. Just because she gave up since she was too tired and high to keep fighting about it, it doesn't make the situation less rape-y. I. e. she was raped. Giving up on saying no =/= yes.

    • Bandit74

      Saying no for two nights doesn't mean that someone can't change their mind and consent on the third night.

      A lack of a "no" doesn't necessarily mean yes, but a lack of a "yes" doesn't necessarily mean no either.

    • lumos

      Obviously someone can change their mind but does that mean it’s ok to keep pressuring them until they do? No. That would be coercion. In the same way the police can’t try to pressure/coerce someone into confessing to something they didn’t do, likewise is it wrong to pressure or nag someone to the point where they’re too exhausted to keep saying no all the time. And although silence doesn’t automatically mean a ”no” either, wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot smarter to just leave it be? If the other person keeps saying no/stays silent/doesn’t even hint at wanting it? Common sense would dictate that you back off, but I guess common sense apparently flies out the window when someone is horny 🙄

  • dolemite68
    Bout time someone spoke out on women being the abusers sometimes
    • PatKirby

      An important point you make here. This is reflective of what's been happening lately regarding female rapists. Consider the many, many women on the 'Big List' of the Most Comprehensive Account on Internet of Women Predators on Campus by googling

      "The big list: Female teachers with students"

      (shocking - you've been warned)

    • Jayson101

      We don;t even know if she was

  • txdiie_
    i love melanie. i've listened to her whole album. i know every song, every ryhtm, every beat and every lyric :p so do a lot of teenage girls. or just almost teens. she is not being a role model if ths actually happened.
  • Allie_Oops
    This sounds like horse shit... Who calls their rapist their best friend? Are you serious? Sorry, I feel like there's another side to this.
  • pervertedjester
    I have no idea who these people are but if a simple apology worked humanity wouldn't have made up the legal system.
  • Guanfei
    How will modern feminists react to this? i'm curious to see how they will accuse the white males for it.
    • probably rape culture and normalization of sexual violence, and that we're all guilty since we're not all feminists. Let the Marxism disguised as justice commence. lol

    • coralee

      Modern feminist here who is under no delusions that women aren't capable of violence. Most feminists aren't, shocker most of us even support groups that give support to male victims of female perpetrators.

    • @coralee it's not a shocker that feminism claims to support men, except for men's rights groups and discussions of such as can be seen by protests and pulling fire alarms at conferences. Actions speak louder than words

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  • bubble_tea
    Girls with the mindset of Harvey Weinstein exist. I've met such a girl. I would hate to be her best friend.
  • Phoenix98
    Not a clue who these people are but I'm not surprised that's like the 5th+ rape story in the last month in the celebrity circle.
  • vishna
    I think there is truth to Timothy's claim. And Melanie's denial is very weak and looks bad for her case.
  • LeoLionEye
    I have no idea who either one of them is. So can't say I really care either way. For all I know they are both just looking for attention and this seems like a good way to get that now days.
  • JustAnotherGirlie
    I mean. I’m not taking Melanie’s side on this because I believe her accuser BUT. People are throwing Melanie under the bus for her response as if any response to sexual assault is going to be stellar? I don’t get it. She probably doesn’t want to cause more drama by being messy and accusing the accuser.
    Think about it. Everyone who has been accused has released a statement denying action but I think it’s better to take your feelings out of it. It’s a PR move to do damage control on a very volatile situation.
    That said, damn Timothy. I feel bad for her
  • wankiam
    i thought women could not be charged with rape but just sexual abuse or assault
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    No idea if it's true and that's probably how it's going to stay.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    That's really a shame. trans people are only now getting freedom and the are being raped. Won't some please stop it.
  • Waffles731
    Well this is the first I've heard of her, what makes her different than a street rapist
  • Chantel77
    Wait so how'd that happen? Did she drug him and put his d in her? Like how can a man be raped
  • PellakaWurm
    I have a feeling i'm missing something in this story. do you have more information?
    • No... this is all I could find.

    • okay, so correct me if i'm wrong, but the story is, she was feeling really down, the shittiest she has felt in her lifetime, her friend and her shared a night together in which she didn't say no but felt silenced. then she had a panic attack because of it and now she says it was rape.

    • You didn't read this, did you?
      She said she said no many times in those two days...

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  • sp33d
    Accusations are just that. I don't even know who these people are, to be honest.
  • HamAndCheese
    Who? This person is famous? I dunno, like any accusation it should be investigated.
  • qwer3cdfsetg
    so a girl raped another girl while they were friends
  • lovelyhoneybones
    I don't believe it.
  • oksurething
    How is Timothy a girls name?
  • Pink2000
    I don't even know these people.
  • LadyAvon
    It's too vague.
    gotta get it on tape
  • disgustingweebtrash
    Amazing myTake
  • fredrick_27
    I thought Timothy was a man