With young White girls being targeted by racist Pakistani rape gangs all over England why is there silence from the #METOO movement?

Who is allowed to be part of the #MeToo movement? I ask because two weeks ago another five men were found guilty of horrific sexual crimes against eight girls and yet the case hasn’t trended on Twitter. There have been no hashtags. The girls’ suffering hasn’t been widely talked about. There have been very few declarations of solidarity from feminists. There’s pretty much been silence.
It isn’t hard to see why. The problem for the mostly middle-class, well-connected feminists who make up the #MeToo movement is that this case involved both the wrong kind of victim and the wrong kind of perpetrator.
The victims were working-class girls, under the age of 16, some of them quite troubled — a far cry from the actresses, businesswomen and lobby journalists whose experiences of harassment have dominated the #MeToo narrative so far.
Even now, discussion about Muslim grooming gangs is shushed. Anyone who raises it will be branded an Islamophobe, a racist and maybe even a fascist. Look what happened to the Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, when she wrote about the problem of largely Pakistani gangs abusing white girls. She was demonised by Corbynistas. She was forced out of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. The message was clear: talk about this issue and you will be punished
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I dont think it's a religious thing but more of a Pakistani cultural thing as gang rape is really common in Pakistan. In Pakistan women are generally not allowed out of the house unescorted by a male relative and if a girl gets gang raped she deserves it. I guess that's why they target young white women. So over here In Britain pakistani men coming from their mosques will then go prowling for young white girls to gang rape often with their brothers, uncles, cousins and fathers.
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Very few black or Asian girls , the vast majority were white. Very few non-pakistani men involved. They liked to target and groom young vulnerable white girls. Often a good looking Pakistani man or boy will start a relationship with these girls and take them to an abandoned building where 10-20 Pakistani men will be waiting to gang rape her, often they are all related-cousins, uncles, fathers. When they are done they threaten that if she speaks they will kill her and make her keep coming.
With young White girls being targeted by racist Pakistani rape gangs all over England why is there silence from the #METOO movement?
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