Do you believe in Aliens from another world?

I have seen UFO's on two occasions... I AM NOT KIDDING!

Both times on camping trips with friends. Once was in the forests of Northern California and once was in the Nevada Desert near Area 51. I had never heard of Area 51 before that and only found out that is where I was afterward and what Area 51 was all about

If this is a curiosity of yours as it is of mine, then you have to watch Blue Oyster Cult's music video about "Men in Black", it is really cool...

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Yes, I believe there are Aliens living among us now who look like us
Yes, I believe there are Aliens on earth but they don't look like us and are hiding under the ocean or deep in mountains or frozen areas of the earth so as not to be easily detected
Yes, I believe there are Aliens but I don't think they are staying here on earth. I think they come here to visit on occcassion
Yes, I think their are Aliens than come and go from other dimensions, so they can appear and disappear at will
Yes, there are Aliens and they abduct people on occasion as well
No, there are no Aliens, but there are demons impersonating them!
OTHER, see my comments below, or just open the Alien Visitors Survey
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Do you believe in Aliens from another world?
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