Why do guys like to pick a fight for no reason?

what is the reason for doing this .


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  • there are several reasons

    1-jealosy this is the first thing and most important. guys are so paranoyak and they doesn't want being cheated. hmmmm... I have to say that if this is the reason you have to be happy and do you know why? cause he loves you

    2-he maybe wants to break up with you. in this conditions I think that you are nearly perfect by not leaving to him chances that he could get with you and then haveng a fight that would separate you. I think that if he wants to broke up getting in a fight with you would be a desperately way for this. and if this is right do you know what to do? f*** him first... okay? there are 3 bilion males in this world and you think that he is just the best?

    3- ok this is the neutral way that maybe it will be the best way...call him in midnight and say to him " sorry for all these things that are hapening to us. let's get a drink tomorrow and lets discuss our good and giving our relationship a right way "

    waw I think that this will be a romantic moment :) but but BUT you need to make this only if... You LOVE HIM okay ?

    bye bye and sorry for my english. hope you understand it ;)


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  • I would never do anything of the kind. Not me...Why do you choose to hide behind a veil of anonymity? Are you ashamed of yourself for asking such a rude and baseless question, or are ya afraid somebody will pick a fight with ya? C'mon, own up to it. You're afraid aren't ya? Huh? Huh? Huh? What's a'matter, can't take it?

    Oooonly kiddin!

  • there's always a reason


What Girls Said 4

  • If he's doing it all the time, there's a good chance he's trying to find a way to get you to dump him for being an assh*le. The next time he starts some crap over nothing, tell him you don't know what his issue is lately but if he's ready to end things, then tell him to go for it. I mean anybody constantly fighting with me...is going to get dumped. If it's what they wanted, great. If it isn't, oh well. Just know that you'll be happier without all the crazy mess and act accordingly.

  • bc they like to look like they are rough and could fight anyone. Lots of girls like guys that are "bad-ass"!

  • it's healthy to have some fighting but not all the time. they might do it just to keep something there. either that or he is looking for a way out of the relationship.

  • Probably because he is having problems with himself that he doesn't want to deal with. Don't accept him dumping his shit on you.