Why do guys like to pick a fight for no reason?

what is the reason for doing this .


Most Helpful Guy

  • there are several reasons

    1-jealosy this is the first thing and most important. guys are so paranoyak and they doesn't want being cheated. hmmmm... I have to say that if this is the reason you have to be happy and do you know why? cause he loves you

    2-he maybe wants to break up with you. in this conditions I think that you are nearly perfect by not leaving to him chances that he could get with you and then haveng a fight that would separate you. I think that if he wants to broke up getting in a fight with you would be a desperately way for this. and if this is right do you know what to do? f*** him first... okay? there are 3 bilion males in this world and you think that he is just the best?

    3- ok this is the neutral way that maybe it will be the best way...call him in midnight and say to him " sorry for all these things that are hapening to us. let's get a drink tomorrow and lets discuss our good and giving our relationship a right way "

    waw I think that this will be a romantic moment :) but but BUT you need to make this only if... You LOVE HIM okay ?

    bye bye and sorry for my english. hope you understand it ;)