Asian American man who only likes white women, is it normal?

I am an Asian American (Korean descent) and I have a confession to make. I only like white women. As in women of European heritage. I could not fight it all these years, my infatuation with Caucasian women began when I was 11 and I was attracted to them.

I tried to diversify my interests and look at non-white women like Tyra Banks or Audrey Quock. But I labored in vain. I tried to lie to myself that all women are attractive. But I cannot hide it anymore. I only like white women and no women of other races, even my own. The truth has been revealed.

The thing is, most Korean American men prefer Asian women and I don't. I could never relate to most Asian women, since I'm an aspiring cyber security engineer and most of them are into things like pre-med. And I really don't like it when Asian women act all cutesy and flash the v-sign and things like that. Another thing is that most Asian women tend to be short around 5'2" and that's too tiny for me, since I am 6'2" (yes, that's rare for Korean descendants).

The reason why I prefer white women is not only because of how they look, but because of how they sound. They have such beautiful voices, whether they're white American, German, English, Italian, etc. I cannot expect the same vocal beauty from others (Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, etc.)

And on top of it all, I love European culture. If I could pick any language I want to speak, I choose German, since I loved Germany since high school and attempted the language in college. I have a poster of something written in German. Not to mention that I love eating at German restaurants and think the food is great. People tell me to embrace my Korean heritage, but I don't, since I don't really feel connection to it.

What do you think, guys and girls? Is it normal for a Korean American man to only like white women, even more than his own race?
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Asian American man who only likes white women, is it normal?
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