My ex-boyfriend drunk texted me... what does that mean?

me and my ex have been broken up for almost a month now... a few nights ago he texted me really late and kept writing some of our inside jokes and told me he missed me and still loved me. but he hasn't talked to me again since then... what do you think this means?

might I add when we broke up (me that called it off cause it was too hard -even though I do still want to be with him) I told him nicely to stop talking to me alltogether so I can try to get over him more easily... and he did stop talking to me alltgether for almost 2 weeks, but then texted me all that... :/


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  • He just a cheat ,don't trust him


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  • Some people say that drunk words are sober thoughts. But the fact he hasn't followed up should tell you everything you need to know. It was just drunk dialing.

    • might I add when I broke up with him I told him nicely not to talk to me anymore so I can try and get over him more easily. do you still think then that he was just drunk texting?

    • Yeah he was still just drunk texting. If he really wanted to get back together or had something he wanted to say, he would have followed up when he was sober.

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  • The fact that he hasn't contacted you since then should speak for itself.

    More than likely, he was drunk and horny.

    • what if I had told him when we broke up not to talk to me anymore so it can be easier to get over him? and we are long distance so if he was horny there was no way I could have seen him.. :(

    • Makes sense but since he has not contacted you since I wouldn't think too deeply into it. Good luck

  • why are you worried if what you want is to get over it? if you want something with him, let him know, if not, let it go, it does not matter what it means.

  • Drunk words are sober thoughts. Dig it.

    • Wow I didn't even see that other guy's answer... whoopsies.