Why does my ex keep driving by my house? He broke up with me.

We dated for 5 months until a month ago. I broke up with him because he kept blowing me off. He begged for me to take him back saying that he would change his ways. He did for awhile until last weekend when he again blew off plans we made. After 3 days of not hearing from him I texted him asking him to just be up front with me instead of wasting my time. He said that he wasn't in shape to be in a relationship because his brother passed away a year ago and his ex cheated on him. We haven't talked since but I have seen him drive past my house twice and my mom saw him once. I'm sure it was him because he drove by slowly and I could clearly see it was him. My question is why would he do this if he broke up with me?


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  • Sometimes, all you need is to be understanding and not too dramatic about little things. Maybe he was upset about his bro and he's still hurt his ex cheated on him. He's just afraid of getting hurt again. Blowing off a plan isn't a big deal unless he do it often and continuously. Imagine yourself in his situations, you are sad/depressed about something and suddenly your partner gets angry at you for blowing them off and ask you to stop wasting their time. How would you feel? We want someone who will be there for us during the bad/good times. If you still want him, apologize and talk about it.


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  • He sounds like a screwed up individual and if he keeps driving past your house, he may turn into a creepy stalker.

  • Because he feels lonely and now he's trying to see if he can get you back. It is up to you on what you want to do next but if I were you, I wouldn't take him back because what he used to break up with you was an awful excuse. If he really loved you he would have stayed. So do the next guy you're going to date in the future a favor and ignore this ex of yours.