First sleepover with boyfriend, fun things to do?

I'm 19 years old and my boyfriends 21st birthday is in 2 days.. So for a surprise I decided that i was going to sleep over at his house for the first time.. It should be fun (: but I want to do something different , I mean we always go out to dinner ams always watch a movie but since its our first sleep over and his 21st birthday I need ideas of fun things to do at home !! Any ideas?


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  • Are you looking for fun casual "datelike" things to do? Or sex ideas?
    We need detail lol

    • Hmm maybe both lol.. I mean I want to do things differently since its his birthday

    • I'll leave the date up to you lol since you know him better... what he likes food wise etc xD
      As for the other component, if he usually takes charge of things maybe change it up and be in control... is that something you'd be interested in?


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  • You could have sex?

  • buy a pizza and watch netflix or T. V. shows that you would like


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  • One night my boyfriend set a themed night and made spring rolls and other Asian food, mixed drinks with blended watermellon, and we watched the original Godzilla movie. Another night we dipped strawberries into melted chocolate and we would usually set the mattress on the bed and watch movies. Have fun!