Are successful sleepovers signs that a couple can cohabitate long-term?

Are these positive signs regarding living together as a couple?
For a bit of context, we are both 26, in our first relationship, and we met on a hinge in June 2022; we made things official in August, and things are going great for us.
Last month my boyfriend and I began having sleepovers at his home; he lives alone and bought his home a year ago. Our first sleepover lasted a day, so his family invited me to spend Christmas with them; our recent sleepover lasted four days, and we recently had another sleepover over the new years weekend, and he has welcomed me to have more sleepovers as well and that I can leave some of my stuff at his home.

I was so happy that we cohabitated well; we went grocery shopping together, brought the groceries home, watched tv together, held hands as we watched, laughed, and he cooked dinners for me, and we even did a neighbourhood walk.
We had fun exploring things sexually and then went to bed. The one thing we found worked for us was to sleep in separate rooms, so we tried that and had a good night's sleep, lol, as he snores, and overall, we seem to wake each other up a lot.
Based on these few days' experience, I felt optimistic about living with him forever if our relationship stays long-term. Still, I'm not considering the work/life balance that would present itself as we have yet to have a work sleepover.
However, I would appreciate some insight. What are your thoughts?

Are successful sleepovers signs that a couple can cohabitate long-term?
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