What would a normal muslim guy think of a muslim woman who has integrated into western culture?

My parents are from the middle east but I was born in Australia. I was raised as a muslim but as I got later into my teenage years I really found my families traditions were getting in the way of me embracing the aussie lifestyle.

So even though I still identify as being in a muslim family I do go to the beach and sunbake with my friends in a bikini or sometimes topless, I do go to the gym and wear tight clothing to workout and I will eat pork if its the only thing on the menu.

My family doesn't really like it but at the same time they can see that I do identify very well with Australian girls.

The problem is im stuck between 2 types of guys. Most muslim guys dont want anything to do with me and although im pretty healthy and good looking, aussie guys are worried about getting involved with a muslim family.

Im curious what people here think about it. What do muslim guys think of someone who has adapted to get the most enjoyment in life in the country they live?
What would a non muslim guy think of dating someone who comes from a muslim family but doesn't really follow the belief herself?


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  • i think its not right to to dress bikini, but there are stuff much more important than this like praying,

    "What do muslim guys think of someone who has adapted to get the most enjoyment in life in the country they live?"

    its not about adaptation cause there are Australian Muslim women , from pure Australian roots who don't wear this way ,

    but to answer your question, here in egypt bikini is normal, so its normal for muslim man to have a muslim wife who is not wearing hijab and wears bikini


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  • I'm on the same boat too as you. I don't get a long with Muslim guys I just don't fit in anymore. My family would like for me to meet a Muslim guy but it's not gonna happen. Muslim guys usually go after what they're family want. They mostly want a good Muslim girl who doesn't drink or date or anything. With non Muslim guys it's a struggle because they don't understand your culture and the rules that you have to follow and respect sometimes and they're afraid of their family when comes to dating a Muslim girl. So it's not fair either way. But I always take my chance with non Muslim guys bc that's where I feel more comfortable and myself. Do what feels right for you. It's a challenge either way but fight for what feels right not for what people want you to fight for.


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  • Nothing. the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of us. People that are not practising the religion but still live in a muslim lifestyle


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  • I know Muslim guys that are religious but they don't have the same religious standards of their partner. Would your family accept a non Muslim guy?

    • Yea I would say so.
      There aren't many muslim guys where I live.
      (A small coastal town)
      So its either that or stay lonely forever haha

  • Like, wouldn't you get stoned or something?

    • not really. All my friends are Australian