Good night text message?

Do you think Good night text message is a way to flirt?

I texted him " good night and sweet dreams" and he texted me back " you too, ( my name)! I feel so sweet .


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  • Cant hurt, unless it stops you from geting to sleep etc, just lie there wide awake, thinking about oh I don't know the message and what it could mean, over analize it 50 or 100 times...etc...


What Guys Said 3

  • lol, what else could he reply ?

  • i think it is. I've heard stuff like sweet dreams (about me), nighty night, night babe, and little stuff like that. I usually feel like being creative when it is someone I like so yeah I think it is a way to flirt


What Girls Said 3

  • yes in a way depending on the relationship. I texted my guy "Good night bye sweet dreams" and he texted back "Night night hunny" and that definitely made my day. So I think that it all depends on the type of relationship you have with the person.

  • It's kinda hard to say. For some people, it's just a normal thing to do if you're texting right before bed. For others, it may mean more. It depends on the person and how close you are. In this case it seems like he was just saying it back because you said it.

  • i think this guy is just tryna be nice. maybe you might think it's flirting because you like him too much and you're noticing the small things he does that make you smile...