Sending a flower via text message - sweet or corny

My guy friends and I were hitting up the bars the other night, and one of them met a girl and was chatting her up at one place we went to. They seemed to get along OK but I didn't pay too much attention. The next day us guys met up and talked about last night. Apparently this guy sent a picture of a flower to this girl via text message. We kinda smirked and told him how corny that was. But she responded by saying it was one of the sweetest text messages she has ever gotten. That and she feels the two of them have really good chemistry as well.

So if a guy was to send you a flower pic via instant message, would that be sweet or cheesy?


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  • not gonna lie, but I would be amazed! how on earth can you make a flower through a text!? but it would be pretty sweet haha

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      (totally corny if a guy you don't like sends that to you. totally sweet if it's a guy you're into.)

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    • I should send one to you sometime.. maybe you will find it sweet!

    • please don't ha ha I don't really know you

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  • i would think its sweet & cheesy XD its like having a flower but not having to worry about it dying lol

  • completely sweet :)

    and being cheesy isn't a bad thing haha


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  • I'm sure she thought it was sweet because she liked your friend. Your friend "won" her over at the bar... not the text itself. It's amazing how corny you can be around a girl that is into you and get away with it.

    • I love cheesy guys! I smile and laugh, but it's just so funny/kindhearted/sweet, :P

    • Most of the guys that are my exes are cheesy and its so cute!

  • I guess it depends, on the girl who recieved that message. Some other girl might find it corny .