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When a guy hardly texts or calls you does it mean they're not interested? What does it mean?

I always start the conversations. He'll always text me right back, but then sometimes he just doesn't respond at all. I know he's addressed like he... Show More

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  • I believe it may not be he is necessarily disinterested, but you should try not contacting him and see if he chases after you instead. I find people are more inclined to call/text you when you distance yourself from them. If they get used to you starting off the conversation, and they really want to talk to you, they'll come to you. =)

  • personally, I think he is not truly interested in you..yes he might have other things to do than be glued to the phone..but there is at least a minute of his time available to you..explaining to you why he didn't answer..but if he shows no concern..then that should tell you everything..he honestly doesn't truly care...

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