Guys... sometimes your actions don't make sense... can you tell me what these actions mean?

ok these are some things that went on between us

sometimes when I would look at him he would smile and just stand there... it would be like we were looking in each others eyes and just have that silent smile

he would always look straight into my eyes... other guys eyes linger his stayed I liked that lol

sometimes when I would say something a little flirtatious he would get stiff and get a serious face like he was like "huh" lol

sometimes he would mess up his words but so would I and we would just laugh about it

he would just stare at me blankly... sometimes he would turn away when I looked at him but sometimes he would just keep staring with like an awestruck stare

he loves when I say stupid things that make him laugh he says I make him happy

once he asked me a week later who the guy he saw me talking to the week before was and made a comment like "he looked like he was trying to holler"

whenever he saw me he would come over and talk to me and when I didn't initiate a conversation he would

when he found out we listen to the same kind of music he got kind of excited (its country so its not common for someone to like so I kind of got excited when he said he liked it to lol)

than I asked him to hang out and gave him my number (when I asked him to hang out he just asked what would you want to do but seemed nervous and dropped things and was rushing out of the door but he texted me the next day:) )

and these are some of the things that kind of annoy me now

he hardly ever texts me I'm usually the one to text him first and when we are texting and I don't ask him a ? or what I say doesn't really call for a response most of the time he just won't text back

sometimes when I try to talk to him he's in a rush and he's like walking out of the door while I'm trying to have a conversation with him

he just doesn't seem to know how to show feelings and I guess I just want to let this feeling go cause I need someone who knows how to show feelings somehow

it all comes down to the fact that with everything that use to seem to go on between us I thought maybe he could like me so I asked him to hang out and like 2 months later I told him I liked him and asked him if he liked me and he said I was funny and a good friend so was everything before just what he does? I just didn't get that

Guys... sometimes your actions don't make sense... can you tell me what these actions mean?
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